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Press Statements and Releases

Below you will find statements and releases issued to the media on a range of topics related to the work that Family Action does.

If you are interested in finding out more about our policy work, or if you are a journalist and would like to speak to someone in the media team, please contact us on 020 7241 7632 or marketing@family-action.org.uk.


20.02.2014: We have today released the third leaflet as part of our year-long partnership with the National Association of Head Teachers. It focuses on Giving Your Child a Helping Hand - access the press release here

07.01.2014: Family Action is delighted that our Chief Executive, David Holmes, has been awarded a CBE in the New Years Honours List.

Archive Releases: 201319.12.2013: Family Action's report, No More Lonely Christmases, looks at the hidden predator of loneliness, which preys on vulnerable and disadvantaged families at this time of year. Download the press release here.

04.10.2013: The third and final Family Fortunes report, Home Economics, focuses on the shock cost of moving into and maintaining a home. 

13.09.2013: Release of the second leaflet in a series of four as part of our year-long partnership with the National Association of Head Teachers focuses on Speaking and Listening - access the press release here

15.08.2013: Family Action has today released The Big Stitch-Up report, highlighting the costs of going back to school in September. Read The Big Stitch-Up press release.

03.07.2013: Read our press release for the second Family Fortunes report released today in partnership with Lloyds Banking Group's Money for Life Programme. Titled 'First Baby in Breadline Britain' it looks at the costs of a new baby.

26.06.2013: Following the Chancellor's Government Spending Review announcement, our Chief Executive, David Holmes releases a statement which can be accessed here.

25.06.2013: Today we launch the independent evaluation of our Family Star practice tool, which urges local authorities to consider using the Family Star to score parental effectiveness and measure improvements in outcomes for families with multiple complex needs. Read more...

17.06.2013: Read our latest press release on the Parents as Partners programme, which shows that getting mums and dads to open up and talk about their relationships can be the key to improving family life. Read more...

13.06.2013: In response to the release of household poverty statistics our Chief Executive, David Holmes, comments that "It is deeply worrying that the proportion of children in absolute poverty is rising for the first time since the early Nineties." Read more...

17.05.2013: Read our latest release announcing our year-long partnership with NAHT (the National Association of Head Teachers), which aims to close the attainment gap with our Ready To Learn Everyday campaign.

09.04.2013: Read our press release on the first of three Family Fortunes reports, in partnership with Lloyds Banking Group's Money for Life programme, Birthdays on the Breadline. The report found almost half (44%) of UK parents can't afford to give their children a birthday party.

04.04.2013: Read our statement on the extension of The Family Nurse Partnership and how it doesn't go far enough.

20.03.2013: Read our statement on the Chancellor's Budget 2013 and how it affects the most vulnerable families we work with.

19.03.2013: Read our comment on the Government's scheme to bring tax-free childcare to 2.5 million families.

13.03.2013: Read our comment on Middlesbrough Mayor Ray Mallon's comments on the Government's Troubled Families programme.

13.03.2013: Read our statement on the TUC's claim that half a million more children will be pushed below the breadline under the Government’s tax and welfare reforms.

04.03.2013: Read Family Action's latest statement on the Troubled Families Programme, and how it is progressing in line with the 120,000 families it pledges to help by the end of this Parliament. 

27.02.2013: Family Action has released a statement on the new Bedroom Tax, calling it a pernicious and mindless penalty on low income households.

20.02.2013: Read Family Action's statement following the release of the Child Poverty Map of the UK.

31:1:13: Iain Duncan Smith Should Not Sideline Income Poverty - our response to the Work and Pensions Secretary's speech today on measuring poverty.

24:1:13: Early Intervention Cuts to pay for adoption changes are like robbing Peter to pay Paul says Family Action.


Archive Releases: 2012

20:12:12: The Welfare Benefits Uprating Bill will cause untold misery for families in and out of work.

14:12:12: Family Action's Chief Executive Helen Dent has decided to retire - read about her decision here and who is taking over as our new Chief Executive.

5:12:12: Read Family Action's response to the Autumn Statement - The Chancellor hasn't done enough for families.

29:11:12: Iain Duncan Smith needs to fight his corner better says Family Action as Breakthrough Britain 2 Report launched.

28.11.12: Quality Time with Parents Beats Presents as Children’s Top Christmas Priority says Charity Family Action’s All I Want for Christmas Report. Read the report here.

16.11.12: Family Action has today released a research paper on what's needed to deliver outcomes on school attendance, in line with the Troubled Familes Programme. Read the Press Release.

10:10:12: The Prime Minister's fight against the deficit is turning into a fight against our poorest says charity Family Action. Our response to David Cameron's 2012 Conservative Party Conference speech.

08:10:12: George Osborne is Scraping the Barrel for Welfare Cuts which do not make economic sense. Read our response to the Chancellor's speech at Conservative Party Conference. You can also read our response to Iain Duncan Smith's speech to Conference here.

17.09.12: Health Service lacks capacity to support vulnerable mothers with antenatal and postnatal depression. Read Family Action's statement here

06.09.12: Young Carers Need More Support in School - read our press release about a new campaign we're launching - Be Bothered! Make Education Count for Young Carers.

18.07.12: Louise Casey's report lifts the lid on the plight of troubled families, but adequate resource is needed for the troubled families programme to succeed. Read Family Action's statement here.

16:7:12: Families face summer on a shoestring after day trips break the bank for many. Read our news release and Breaking the Bank: Summer on a Shoestring report on the cost of summer holidays for families.

10:7:12: Minimum Income Standard Figures Show the Plight Families Face to Make Ends Meet.

2:7:12: 300,000 children could be at risk of poor behavioural development without adequate support for new mothers, Family Action warns.

25:6:12: Welfare debate should be about more than where the axe will fall - read our comment following the Prime Minister's speech on welfare.

14:6:12: New Poverty Figures Show that Ministers Need More than Just Good Intentions on Early Intervention Services and Income to Reduce Poverty say Family Action.

11:6:12: Top Marks for Councils for Signing Up to Troubled Families Plan says Family Action.

29:5:12: UNICEF Report Card 10 Shows Value of Investing to End Child Poverty says Helen Dent.

22:5:12: Coalition Government No Excuse for No Joined Up Government Action on Social Mobility, Family Action warns.

15:5:12: Mind the Gap – Charity Warns that Financial Pressures and Lack of Services Could Create Another Troubled Generation. Family Action launches Against All Odds: Mind the Gap campaign. Read our Mind the Gap report.

14:5:12: Charity Family Action Warns Nick Clegg on Social Mobility.

30:4:12: Frank Field's focus on early intervention is right but money matters to most vulnerable children and families too.

16:4:12: Docking Child Benefit Will Not Improve Education of Most Vulnerable Children says Family Action Chief Executive.

28:3:12: Government Deserves Gold Star for Tackling Troubled Families says Family Action.

28:3:12: Riots Panel Report Lifts Lid on Forgotten Families says Chief Executive Helen Dent.

21:3:12: Budget 2012 fails poorest families, but Child Benefit success. Read our statement on the Chancellor's Budget.

16:3:12: The Chancellor Must Protect Family Budgets. Read our pre Budget briefing and statement from Helen Dent our Chief Executive.

13:3:12: Family Action comments on the launch of the Social Justice Strategy Paper - Private Finance Isn't the Whole Answer for Early Intervention.

5.3.12: Oi George! Crash in Family Fortunes Leaves Kids With No Future, Say Parents. Read our latest report and press release on family finances ahead of the Budget.

25:1:12: Abolition of the Social Fund Strikes at the Heart of the Welfare State and Means Poorest Could Fall Through the Cracks says Family Action.  

9:1:12: Family Action has coordinated a joint letter with 20 charities warning about the catastrophic dangers of abolishing the discretionary Social Fund and replacing it with local provision for disadvantaged people. Read our letter to the Guardian and a statement from our Chief Executive. Read more on our Social Fund campaigning.

Archive Releases: 2011

15:12:11: "Troubled" Families Need More than Crisis Intervention says Family Action.  

6:12:11: Poor Families Face Prospect of Cancelling Christmas as Pressure on Family Finances Mount, say Family Action. Read the Press Release and Executive Summary of our new report. Read the full report here.

2:12:11: Changing the Child Poverty Measure Will Send Children's Life Chances into the Red 

29.11.11: Family Action's response to the Chancellor's autumn statement.

23:11:11: Family Action Challenges Government on Missing £117 Million as Crisis Loans are Cut

18:11:11: Family Action Concerns Over Uprating of Benefits for Vulnerable Families - Family Friendly Test Goes Out the Window.

24:10:11: Riots FIgures Devastating Indictment of How Society Has Failed the Poorest and Most Disadvantaged Younger Men

18:10:11: Family Action Warns on Post Natal Services and Gives Support to the Joe(Joanne) Bingley Memorial Foundation

17:10:11: Family Action Welcomes Government Focus on Supporting "Troubled" Families

17:10:11: Poorest Families will be left out in the cold at Energy Summit, Family Action warns

10:10:11: Poorer families will lose out on Council Tax Con, Family Action Warn

10:10:11: Government Will Fail to End Child Poverty unless Concrete Steps Taken, says Family Action Chief Executive   

7:10:11: Family Action Welcomes Extra Government Cash for Childcare Support in Universal Credit

16:9:11: Family Action Welcomes Early Interventon Foundation but Warns Public Finances Must Still Support Families in Crisis

13.9.11: Universal Credit Monthly Payments Could Mean Dodgy Debt for Disadvantaged and Vulnerable Families

8.09.11: Knee Jerk Policy is Rarely Good Policy - Family Action Chief Executive Helen Dent responds to suggestions benefits will be docked from families.

3.09.11: Back to School Costs are Breaking the Bank say Family Action in new report on the impact of back to school costs on Family Finances.

15.08.11: Following the Prime Ministers speech earlier today, Family Action's Head of Policy and Campaigns says the benefit cap fails the Prime Minster's "family-friendly" test.

10.6.11: Charities Express Concern About Impact of Social Fund Abolition on Domestic Abuse Survivors. Family Action, Women's Aid and Platform 51 express concern to Home Secretary and Minister for Women Rt Hon Theresa May MP.

12.5.11: New Poverty Figures Show Government Needs to Change Course or Fail on Eradicating Child Poverty. Helen Dent our Chief Executive comments on Households Below Average Income figures.

12.4.11: Universal Credit Halves Support for Disabled Children - read our Press Statement on how welfare new welfare reforms will hurt some of the most disadvantaged children. 

5.4.11: Children that are born broke will find no recompense in easier access to an internship - Family Action comments on Social Mobility and Child Poverty Strategy launch.

4.4.11: Children's Charities feeling the Cuts - read the comments of our Chief Executive Helen Dent, a Trustee of Children England on their latest report, Counting the Cuts

4.4.11: With Government action on child poverty due this week Family Action is concerned that the Child Poverty Strategy will have been long in production but short on action.

30.3.11: Family Action has co-signed a letter to The Times on Government plans to charge parents in need of child maintenance. You can read the letter here.

23.3.11: Family Action Budget Response - George Osborne's clearly not a family man.  

22.3.11: Charities have united to raise concerns about proposed changes to the Social Fund. Read our press release about the Parliamentary lobbying we've coordinated.

21.3.11: Family Action is concerend about the Budget and welfare cuts which will hit families in April 2011. Read our pre budget briefing here.

3.3.11: Family Action Responds to news on new Crisis Loan restrictions.

2.3.11: Family Action raises concerns about reform of the DIscretionary Social Fund and how this will effect families and local authorities.   

17.2.11: This isn't the time for Iain Duncan Smith to be a have-a-go hero on welfare. He has got to get this right - Family Action comment on the Welfare Reform Bill.

8.2.11: Read Family Action's Rhian Beynon's comments on the launch of the Centre for Social Justice Mental Health: Poverty, Ethnicity and Family Breakdown report.

7.2.11: Family Action Head of Policy and Campaigns Rhian Beynon comments on the launch of the Centre for Social Justice Mental Health: Poverty, Ethnicity and Family Breakdown report.

2.2.11: Family Action response to the Government's Mental Health Strategy - No Health Without Mental Health


Archive Releases: 2010

1.12.10: Diary Notice: Looking for Families to Feature in Christmas Stories - Help Family Action Celebrate the Acheivements of Our Families 

22.11.10: Universal Credit: Marginal Returns? - Family Action Investigation shows that as many as 1.35 million families in work could be worse off as a result of the Universal credit

1.11.10: Pushed into Poverty - Family Action Warns About Impact of Spending Review on Low Income Families

29.10.10: Families Who Suffer in Silence Should Not Lose Out on Early Intervention Support, Family Action Warn

20.10.10: Vulnerable Families and Couples Cast Adrift in Spending Review, Family Action Warns

20.10.10: Read our recommendations to make the Welfare Cap plans and Housing Benefit changes fairer for vulnerable families

19.10.10: Sums Don't Add Up for Treasury of Poor Families

15.10.10: Government Must Try Harder on Pupil Premium, Family Action Warn  

14.10.10: Housing Benefit Cuts: MPs Urged to Look Out for Louise

11.10.10: Couples Hit By Welfare Changes Family Action Study Reveals

27.09.10: Single Parents being forced out of further education

05.07.10: Housing Benefit and safeguarding children (June Budget 2010)

22.06.10: Response to Emergency Budget June 2010

18.02.10: Early intervention is about support not snooping

19.01.10: Response to Centre for Social Justice paper on the family

14.01.10: Sure Start outreach essential to engaging the most vulnerable

12.01.10: A Family Policy - for which families?

11.01.10: Free laptops announced in Children, Schools and Families Bill

05.01.10: Teens will know good parenting when they see it themselves

09.12.09: Response to Pre-Budget Report

13.10.09: Response to Action for Children report showing rising neglect

07.10.09: Response to Conservative Party announcements on family policy

24.09.09: Response to rise in care proceedings