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Britain on a Budget Blog

This is our Britain on a Budget Blog. The blog was initially established to comment on news and analysis of the welfare reform agenda, and has developed to look at the financial pressures so many families face in Britain today.


04.10.2013: Family Fortunes: Home Economics
The third and final report in our Family Fortunes series launches today, in partnership with Lloyds Banking Group's Money for Life programme. This blog shines a spotlight on the financial burden that moving into and maintaining a home can be for families.
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14.08.2013: The Big Stitch Up
Family Action’s new report, The Big Stitch-Up, finds that the average annual back-to-school cost of the schools surveyed, including uniforms, coats, bags and stationery, is now £156 for a child at primary school and £285 for a child at secondary school.
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03.07.2013: The costs of having a baby in Breadline Britain
Having a first baby is inevitably and emotionally life-changing, but the financial impact can be considerable too. Our new report, First Baby in Breadline Britain, finds that while mums-to-be generally realise there will be greater pressure...
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09.04.2013 Family Fortunes: Birthdays on the Breadline
Our latest report, Birthdays on the Breadline reveals how the escalating cost of children’s birthday parties is increasingly hard to bear for the UK’s poorest families, many of whom are already struggling to make ends meet...
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20.02.2013 The Child Poverty Map
The Child Poverty Map published today by the End Child Poverty Campaign paints a very worrying picture of the number of children living in poverty and how they are spread through the UK...
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23.01.2013 Public Health Minister: Right or Wrong about Obese Children
Public Health Minister Anna Soubry has hit the headlines with her remarks about obese children being more likely to be from poor backgrounds... 
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08.01.2013 This Attack on the Cost of Living is Toxic for Family Finances
Today will see Parliament debate the 1% cap on support with the cost of living introduced in the Welfare Benefits Up-rating Bill. Whilst the Government are at pains to promote this as a measure that is aimed at  ensuring rises in out-of-work benefits reflect the reality of recent zero or low pay rises for those in work the reality is far different... 
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