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Against All Odds

Children should not have to grow up against all odds.Sign our petition for more services and welfare support for mothers at risk of depression before and after the birth of their baby. Support our work to improve outcomes for vulnerable families and children.

"“All the pictures of my baby girl, she wasn’t smiling in any of them – it’s quite sad really. She had a grumpy nickname, I can’t remember what it was though. All the ones later on with my son, he’s smiling. I didn’t realise I’d had post-natal depression with my daughter until a long time afterwards.”

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Research shows that poor maternal mental health and low income during babyhood affects children's outcomes negatively and are factors in the creation of future generations of "troubled" families.

Early Intervention services to improve children's life chances must therefore mean intervening before at-risk babies are born, and in the first year of life; providing both services which support vulnerable mothers emotionally and with parenting; and providing adequate welfare support.

There is a gap in true early intervention services which fulfil the support needs of mother's-to- be and new mothers with mild to moderate depression.

Read our Mind the Gap Report and find out more. Join our Against All Odds campaign to close this gap and improve outcomes for children and families. Donate and support our work.


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