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Building Bridges

Building Bridges is Family Action’s home-based family support service that works with families with multiple complex needs in order to make families stronger, safer and more fulfilling for children and parents.

We work with families that have multiple complex needs including:

  • Social isolation or exclusion
  • Poverty
  • Difficulties with mental health and other disabilities
  • Unemployment
  • Domestic violence
  • Special educational needs
  • Substance misuse
  • Children and young people at risk of committing anti-social behavior or being involved in gangs
  • Children who are absent from school and are at risk of being excluded

Building Bridges works with families that might have problems such as parental mental health, a young carer at home, difficulties in parenting, children with mental health or behavioural difficulties, relationship issues, safeguarding issues and financial and material hardship.

We work holistically in the family home with parents and children to develop an action plan that will help families build stronger and more positive futures.

We work with families to:

  • Promote good health
  • Meet emotional needs
  • Keep children safe
  • Feel part of their community
  • Support learning
  • Set boundaries
  • Encourage work aspirations
  • Provide a stable home
  • Manage their finances

Through the  ‘Family Star’ we monitor each family’s progress in the above areas. The Family Star enables us to track families’ achievements and identify areas where extra support may be needed.

A C4EO analysis of Building Bridges which features in their Grasping the Nettle report showed that: “Over the course of one year, 40 families can be supported by Family Action’s Building Bridges service at a cost of £3,500 per family. Over two years, the estimated savings to: the Department for Education and local authority are £114,400; the Department for Work and Pensions are £158,400; and the NHS are £67,200.”