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Scavenger Hunt Challenge

Are you ready for an apprentice style race around the city? In two hours, we will be challenging groups of 2-3 to earn as many points as possible by collecting, photographic or visiting set things around zone 1.

Teams will meet at our office for a briefing where you will receive the list. There will be more items than you will have time to collect, so choose your tactics wisely! The more challenging the item, the higher the points. After two hours, everyone will reconvene at the office for celebratory drinks, nibbles and networking, whilst the points are counted and winners announced.

The evening is a great fun team building activity for your work team, with proceeds going to support Family Action’s work with Family Action. Find out more about our work here.

To enter a team, contact Emma on 020 7241 7608 or at emma.sorrell@family-action.org.uk.