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Name:Trek Sahara
Date:Multiple dates throughout the year
Where:Sahara Dessert
Event Type:Trek
Registration fee:£199
Fundraising target:£2400

Take on the ultimate challenge, and trek across one of the worlds’ most beautiful spaces…the Sahara Desert. From stony flat expanses to perfect wind-blown sand dunes, broken only by the occasional oasis, this trek in the Sahara Desert transports you to another world.

The desert and its incredible night skies provide a feeling of space and of solitude, of nature’s power and the transience of mankind, that is both awe-inspiring and humbling.

With proud Berbers as your guides and a small caravan of camels to carry supplies, you’ll trek 100km through this remarkably varied and stunning landscape, camping by night.

We would love for you to take on this beautiful challenge for us. Why not  check out the Sahara Trek Itinerary, sign up here, or contact the events team at events@family-action.org.uk.