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Family Action’s Christmas Toy Appeal

The Toy Appeal is a great way to spread some Christmas cheer around your office, workplace, school or community group while supporting families in your area. Every year, our projects and services across the country facing hard times, from living with the after affects of domestic abuse, caring for an unwell or disabled loved one, or coping with a mental health issue. A large proportion of these families are also living on low incomes, and so when Christmas comes around it’s often a choice between putting food on the table, or gifts for their children.

Our national Christmas Toy Appeal aims to spread a little joy each Christmas, and relieving some of the pressure those families face. We believe every family deserves to enjoy a little festive magic, and with your help we can bring it to them!

Thanks to all the generous individuals and companies which have already donated, we have successfully matched up all of our services in the London region and are no longer accepting donations for the London area. But if you are a company within London that still wants to take part, you can still register to donate outside of the local area.

How does it work?

If you register to take part in the appeal, we’ll ask you to estimate how many gifts you’d like to buy as well as where in the country you’re based. We’ll use this information to match you to your local Family Action service, and then supply you with a list of ages and genders of the children we’d like you to buy gifts for. We’ll also tell you at this point when and where to deliver your gifts to, to ensure they arrive in time for the project’s Christmas party, or to be handed out to families.

For the full details of the process, please click below to download the Toy Appeal Info Pack.


How can we get involved?

If you’d like to go ahead and register to take part in the appeal, please fill in the form by clicking the button below. We’ll then get busy matching you with your local service and will send you over details of your possible match.