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Sandra’s Story

Sandra* and her children received gifts through the Toy Appeal last year. We wanted to share their story with you to show you, with the right support, what a difference a year can make. By supporting Together at Christmas, you can help turn around the lives of families like Sandra’s.

Sandra was the victim of severe domestic violence and abuse by her husband and father of her children, leaving her hospitalised in intensive care. After weeks of recovery, Sandra was able to leave hospital and be reunited with her three children at a women’s refuge. However she remained severely traumatised and affected by her experiences. Struggling to cope with the physical and emotional challenges she faced, Sandra was put in touch with Family Action and one of our outreach workers, Jenny.

Jenny began visiting Sandra regularly at the refuge providing the immediate listening and emotional support she needed, as well as practical help with childcare issues. After several weeks of developing a trusted relationship with Sandra, Jenny was able to liaise with staff at the refuge and other Family Action services and help Jenny access counselling. Jenny continued to support Sandra as she began to think about her future, helping her find a new home and supporting her to access a Family Action grant for essential furnishings.

As Christmas approached Jenny made sure Sandra and her children continued to feel safe and supported. Through our Christmas Toy Appeal Jenny made sure Sandra’s children each received presents and that Jenny felt able to enjoy her time with her family ‘Together at Christmas.’


*name changed to protect identity

Find out how you can get involved in Together at Christmas and change lives like Sandra’s this Christmas, or start fundraising today!