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Each year, you help make Christmas a little more special for children we work with through our Christmas Toy Appeal. Since 2009 you’ve donated Christmas gifts for children we work with up and down the country. In 2019, thanks to your generous support, we delivered toys to over 8,000 children facing difficult situations, when otherwise they might have had nothing.

The financial impact of Covid-19 has caused an unprecedented challenge for thousands of the most vulnerable low income families and individuals across the UK. Thousands of people have lost their jobs due to their workplace closing and have been particularly hard hit just before Christmas.

We’ve had 12,000 present requests for 2020 already! This year more than ever, a gift from you would bring joy to a vulnerable child and help make their Christmas magic.




How to get involved

There are two main ways to get involved in the appeal, either by signing up to be matched with a Family Action service and directly buying and delivering their gifts. Or by donating/fundraising to help us buy gifts for the services we’re unable to match directly.