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Makena’s Story

After leaving an abusive relationship, Makena almost lost her children. With your support, she was able to start fresh with her children and safe from fear. 

Makena* had suffered years of physical and psychological abuse from her husband, leaving her and her two children feeling isolated and vulnerable. She took the courageous decision to end their relationship and fled with her children, however, as is often the case in situations of domestic abuse, this was not the end of her problems.

Her husband continued to pursue and pester her, including making false accusations to the police and begging her to return with the children. Facing a custody battle and court case, Makena felt overwhelmed, daunted and fearful for the safety of her children. This is when she met Laura, from our Families Together Service in Wales.

Laura was there to listen to Makena’s story, and to be someone she could rely on as she began to rebuild her life. Just as things were beginning to settle down for Makena, her worst nightmare came true – her husband kidnapped her two children. In the ensuing days, Makena was struggling. Laura became a vital source of support, visiting Makena everyday and helping her manage police visits and the ongoing court case.

After nine long days, on the 23rd December, Makena’s children were finally returned safe to her at the hostel she was staying at. Understanding the stress and anxiety Makena had been having to deal with over the last weeks, Laura arranged for some gifts from our Christmas Toy Appeal to be set aside for the children as well as getting some decorations for their hostel room. While a hostel is not the place she envisaged spending Christmas, she was just grateful to have her children safe and be able to share a little Christmas joy with them.

She is hugely grateful for Laura’s support and hopeful for the future as she begins a new life in a new town, free from the abuse and fear that overshadowed her former life.

*Names changed to protect anonymity