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Why giving back this Christmas is a tradition worth starting

23 November 2021

Our new  Make Theirs Magic Christmas calendar contains 31 ideas to kick-start new traditions this Christmas, as well as rekindle or revitalise existing ones. As we covered in an earlier post, celebrating traditions can make us happier as a family but they can also help us improve our mental health when they involve giving back to others. That’s why the calendar is broken down into sections – detailing not just the different types of fun you can have but also highlighting which activities involve simple acts of kindness and giving back to our communities. 

We share a few ideas here but download our FREE Christmas calendar for many more. 

The last couple of years have made us realise how connected we all are as a society, and how much we depend upon each other. Keyworkers such as nurses and postal workers have had a difficult time recently, so the calendar contains templates for thank you cards that can be posted or delivered to show how much they’re appreciated. It also highlights how we can benefit local craftspeople, artists and businesses by shopping local (top tip – you often get a more unique present this way too!). 

We can all be forgiven for pampering ourselves given the last few years but it’s sometimes hard not to feel guilty about the presents we’ve received when we know others may not be so fortunate.  

That’s why our Christmas calendar ideas also highlight how you can repurpose old gifts and give back to others with “reverse” Christmas stockings and traditional advent calendars, which harness children’s enthusiasm for this festive tradition and encourage them to give back in a way that’s fun and seasonal. There is also our Toy Appeal for parents looking for a quick way to make a difference to children who may not otherwise receive presents this year. 

And finally, remember that many people are contemplating being alone at Christmas or not sharing Christmas with friends because they work or live in a different city or country, or are isolated due to illness or circumstance.  

In these cases a kind word or an invite to a gathering or event is a small gesture that can mean more than the most expensive gift.    

It’s long been said that the joy of Christmas is in giving, and not receiving.  

We believe that Christmas needn’t be about the choice between giving back or enjoying ourselves – with the right mindset we can do both! 

Do you have any family traditions that involve giving back? Perhaps you organise something with your street and family or volunteer in your spare time. Why not let us know using the hashtag #MakeTheirsMagic