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Thank you for supporting PAC UK. With your support PAC-UK can ensure all those affected by adoption, Special Guardianship and other forms of permanent care are able to live their lives to the full. This can be an important step forward in a child’s life, and the beginning of a life-long journey, not just for the child but also for the adoptive and birth family. With your help, they can access the tailored support they need to navigate this journey. Not only this, your support extends to adults adopted as children, helping them to overcome challenges that arise from their experiences. It also helps provide training and advice to professionals, raising awareness of adoption issues and ensuring those affected get the right support.

On 1st December 2018 PAC-UK joined forces with Family Action. Our services continue, in fact this offers an opportunity to expand and enhance the support and training we offer. Generous donations from people like you also continue to be of central importance to sustaining our work.

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