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  • Mentor a child
  • BAND Mental Health volunteer
  • Mentor a care leaver
  • FamilyLine Volunteer
  • Volunteer Counsellor
  • Volunteering across FamilyLine and  Special Guardianship Support Service can make a huge difference to the lives of families. Family members can often find it difficult to manage family pressures without emotional support and guidance. Many family members feel confused by what information is available or struggle to access services close to home.

    FamilyLine and Special Guardianship Support Service tackles these issues in a new and innovative way by using a network of volunteers from across the country to support through telephone calls, email and text message. Our Volunteer Counsellors provide 6-8 sessions of telephone counselling to adult family members.


    Role Description

    What our volunteers do

    • Talk openly about the challenges they face
    • Approach challenges in a calm and non-judgmental manner
    • Recognise their own emotional and physical health needs
    • Feel more confident to constructively address challenging behavior in others
    • Manage relationships with members of their family
    • Manage challenges that cause family breakdown or lead to crisis
    • Build a trusting therapeutic relationship, based on honest and open communication
    • Seek independent clinical supervision

    Training and support

    We are committed to ensuring all our Volunteer Counsellors are provided with the support, organisational supervision and training they need to feel confident communicating with service users.

    As part of your on-going support you will:

    • Attend virtual induction training.
    • Complete e-learning
    • Have the chance to learn and develop new skills.
    • Receive support whenever you need it from dedicated Coordinators.
    • Engage in regular supervision sessions.
    • Have the opportunity to take part in workshops to further your understanding and knowledge on a range of subjects including domestic abuse and violence, mental health and child development.

    For more information contact Familyline.volunteer@family-action.org.uk