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  • BAND Mental Health volunteer
  • Mentor a child
  • Mentor a care leaver
  • FamilyLine Volunteer
  • FamilyLine Counsellor
  • FamilyLine Specialist
  • Perinatal Befriender
  • Volunteering with FamilyLine can make a huge difference to the lives of families. Being part of a family can often be difficult without emotional support and guidance there to help. Many family members feel confused by what information is available or struggle to access services close to home. FamilyLine tackles these issues in a new and innovative way by using a network of volunteers from across the country to support adult family members through telephone calls, emails and text messages.

    Our FamilyLine Specialists support our FamilyLine Volunteers with the information and expertise they need in key areas (health, education, housing, social care, legal etc) to be able to help family members more effectively.


    About the role of FamilyLine Specialist

    What our FamilyLine Specialists do

    We need volunteers who have gained knowledge and skills through their working life experiences. Our FamilyLine Specialists are asked to provide email support and guidance to the service on an ad-hoc basis for approximately 2 hours per month.

    As a FamilyLine Specialist you will:

    • use your skills and experience to help families
    • possess specialist knowledge in one or more key area (eg health, education, social care, legal, housing, immigration, benefits or special educational needs and disabilities)
    • be available for a minimum of 2 hours a month to provide email support and guidance to FamilyLine on an ad-hoc basis.

    Training and support

    We are committed to ensuring all our volunteers are provided with the support, supervision and training they need to feel confident.

    As part of your ongoing support you will:

    • receive support whenever you need it from dedicated Volunteer Coordinators
    • engage in telephone group supervision sessions
    • have the opportunity to attend training to build your skills and knowledge.

    For more information contact DPSS@family-action.org.uk