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Survive and Thrive Integrated Children’s Service

Bradford Survive and Thrive : A Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Service for adults and children .

In 2019 we joined forces with charities Staying Put and WomenCentre to create a one-stop-shop for survivors of domestic and sexual abuse. The new consortium, named Bradford Survive & Thrive, launched in October 2019, transforming services in Bradford and the surrounding area.

Together we provide early intervention and prevention, specialist work with children and young people, recovery and confidence building and packages of practical and emotional support, work with perpetrators, counselling to children and adults and access to high quality crisis support, accommodation and housing, also moving away from support model to advocacy model with our practitioners trained as either Independent Domestic Abuse Advocates (IDVAs) or Independent Sexual Abuse Advocates (ISVAs).

The Survive and Thrive partnership recognises and promotes the importance of a whole family approach which is built on the principles of “Think Family”. We take into account family circumstances and responsibilities. Our One Front Door considers the needs of all family members not just the person presenting. We work with families to agree a package of support best suited to their particular situation which builds on their strengths and promotes resilience.


Referrals for all services provided by Survive and Thrive can be made online or via phone 0808 2800 999.

If you are a professional working with families that have been affected by domestic abuse download our Professional’s Handbook for more information about the support Survive and Thrive can offer.


Survive and Thrive Integrated Children’s Service: providing support for children and families who have experienced Domestic Abuse 

Domestic Abuse may have a long-term impact on children and young people and recent changes in the law recognise children who have witnessed Domestic Abuse are victims themselves. Survive & Thrive’s Integrated Children’s Service provides support for children (0-18),  their parents and sometimes other family members .

Children and young people  who have lived with Domestic Abuse may experience trauma that impacts on daily life functioning.

Symptoms of trauma may include:

  • Anxiety
  • difficulty managing emotions,
  • anger and aggression
  • low mood
  • disturbed sleep and nightmares
  • Appearing withdrawn


We work with children, young people and their families to manage these trauma symptoms and help parents, family members and professionals understand the impact of trauma and  ways in which they can support. Where we feel that children are sufficiently stable and are ready to process their trauma, we will arrange sessions with our trauma therapist , who can further support children and young people through their journey of recovery.

Children and Young People who have experienced Domestic Abuse may also struggle to form and maintain positive relationships with family and  friends. We work with families to strengthen relationships which have been affected by Domestic Abuse ,helping family members to find safe ways to express difficult thoughts, feelings and emotions, and to find solutions to problems together.

Families in Temporary Accommodation

We are also able to support children and parents fleeing domestic abuse and living in temporary accommodation. In addition to providing support around stabilisation and reducing trauma symptoms, we are able to offer either parent/ child or group based Theraplay sessions designed to strengthen the bond between parents and under 5s, where domestic abuse has impacted relationships.

Through age-appropriate activities our ‘Play Connected’ group  for children over 5s helps children learn simple techniques to manage emotional responses and explore ways to keep  minds and bodies healthy

Children’s Independent Domestic Violence Advisor

Our CIDVA works with young people aged 13-17 Years old around safety planning, managing trauma symptoms,  identifying and reducing risky or harmful behaviours and  developing healthy and respectful relationships, with the aim of building resilience, increasing confidence and developing problem solving skills.

Referral Process

To make a referral to the Integrated Children’s Service please use our online form and select ‘Therapeutic Support for Children’ or call One Front Door on 0808 2800 999

Where there are ongoing disputes over child contact and there is CAFCASS and /or family court involvement we would ask that appropriate referrals are made once these disputes are resolved. This is to ensure that both children and parents are clear about arrangements moving forward and are able to focus on recovery.

As our service is primarily recovery focused we are unable to work in situations where there are ongoing safeguarding concerns and/ or a lack of stability for a child or young person. The exception to this is our Children’s IDVA Service which supports young people 13- 17 who are in crisis .

If you are unsure whether a child/ young person would be eligible for support please contact us via email at [email protected] and we will be happy to  discuss this with you.

Where we are unable to work directly with a family, we may offer consultancy to professionals involved with a family, for example social workers, early help practitioners, schools and health visitors. Our systemic practitioners offer space to reflect on the family situation, providing opportunity for collaborative thinking around a family’s support needs.


For further information about help and support for those experiencing Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence in the Bradford District visit the BDASV page.