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Survive and Thrive Children and Families Service

Bradford Survive and Thrive is an exciting and innovative new multi-agency partnership bringing together 3 organisations , Family Action, Staying Put and Women’s Centre Limited. These organisations are working together to develop a one system approach to families affected by domestic abuse and sexual violence.B

Family Action lead on the delivery of an innovative Systemic, Trauma Informed Children’s and Families Service to deliver evidence based interventions that strengthen family relationships, reduce trauma symptoms, provide psycho-educative support for parents and play opportunities for children in supported accommodation. The service also ensures that families are linked in to universal and targeted services locally, where additional support is required.

During this period of lockdown due to Covid – 19 Family Action are offering responsive support via the One Front Door Freephone helpline (open Monday to Friday, 0808 2800999)  to children and young people and or their non-abusing parents who may be living with domestic abuse during lockdown. Living with parental domestic abuse means living in a house where one parent may be hurting another parent, which we know can be very distressing for children and young people.

What we offer:

  • We have staff five days per week ready to help children, young people and their parents who may be in crisis because of domestic abuse via the telephone helpline – just ask to speak to one of the Children and Families team
  • We can help you to get the right support from the right service
  • We can offer family and individual assessments to help work out what children and families need help with
  • We can offer ongoing support over the telephone or via video (Whatsapp/Zoom) for children/young people using a computer/laptop or smartphone
  • We can offer whole family work using the same technology as above
  • We can offer work with parents to help them to help their children who may be experiencing distress as a result of their trauma through domestic abuse; sometimes this can look like anger, agitation, hyperactivity, fear or seeming very down or withdrawn.
  • We can send out ‘trauma first aid packs’ directly to families we work with. These packs will be used to help you find ways to cope with this difficult period while you recover from the experience of domestic abuse.

The above service is for children and young people aged 5 – 18 who are living with or recovering from the experience of domestic abuse and their non-abusing parents.