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You can find a wide range of healthy, tasty recipes online. Here are just a few examples.

  • Change4Life recipe bank: “These healthy recipes are aimed at children and have clear instructions and colourful pictures.”
  • Love Food Hate Waste: “This recipe bank is aimed at reducing food waste. Lots of healthy recipes!”
  • School Food Plan Recipe Hub: “You can download a range of healthy recipes such as fayitas, quiche, lasagne, bagels, porridge, fishcakes, couscous, chow mein etc.”
  • Meals & More Recipe Book: “Lots of ideas for meals and snacks – try for instance pasta bakes, wraps, soups, shepherd/cottage pie, curry and rice, and smoothies.”
  • Live Well Eat Well: “I like all the healthy breakfasts and snacks.”
  • Diabetes UK:“You can find a large bank of healthy recipes and also a search facility for particular ingredients. Recipes are geared for adults. Each recipe includes nutritional info, cook time, prep time and chef’s tips.”
  • Children’s Food Trust: “The recipes here are written for children to follow with easy steps – also a list of equipment needed.”
  • Let’s Get Cooking:
  • Easy Meals: “The NHS has an app called Easy Meals – you can find a range of healthy easy recipes.”
  • PhunkyFoods: “A bank of healthy recipes that are meant for adults and children (mainly aged 2-11) to do together. Give one a go!”
  • The British Heart Foundation: “Take a look at their bank of healthy recipes – they’re mainly geared for adults but can be adapted for children.”
  • Food A Fact of Life: “This website has a huge range of healthy recipes, with lovely pictures and clear instructions. And loads of activities and handouts!”
  • Jo Ingleby: “Jo’s website has links to her recipes – fun and tasty recipes for both children and adults to make.”
  • The Square Foundation: “Recipe video tutorials which have mostly been made for families.”
  • Cook Together Eat Together: “A range of tasty low-cost recipes – starters, mains, desserts, etc.”
  • The Children’s Kitchen (Feeding Bristol): “Recipes translated into 16 languages and videos with children cooking; also recipes with food box seasonal veg basics.”
  • First Steps Nutrition Trust: “An independent public health nutrition charity, supporting eating well from pre-conception to five years”