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FOOD Club members at our Let’s Get Cooking in Cardiff project will be busy this autumn experimenting with different ways to cook with beans and pulses, fruit and veg, pasta, meat, and so on. Here are some ideas suggested by nutritionist Gill Kelsall.

Different ways to cook with …

Some recipe ideas for …

Gill visited our Birmingham FOOD Club recently and spotted lots of tasty items available for members, such as bread mix, salmon, eggs, tuna, spaghetti, tomato, herb paste, yoghurt, oats, fruit and cornflakes. Here are a few suggestions from Gill on how to cook with the ingredients she found. If you’d like ideas for how to cook with items from your FOOD Club, drop us a line at

FOOD Clubs members at some of our Nottinghamshire clubs have been enjoying trying out a wide range of recipes as part of their Take and Make project. Here are a few examples:

You can also download Family Meal Planner (easy to follow recipes for the whole family), produced by Nottinghamshire Childhood Obesity Trailblazer Project.

For more ideas visit our online links page.