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Breakfast on the go

Sitting down at the dining table is an ideal start to the day – but with busy schedules this isn’t always achievable. Try these easy ideas for a quick breakfast on the go:


Banana bread: Follow our recipe & make your own.

American pancakes: Look for our recipe variations – try adding fruit such as blueberries, bananas or strawberries to the batter mix, so you have ‘built in’ fruit!

Breakfast muffin: Use our recipe for blueberry breakfast muffins. Keep in the freezer & defrost when needed.

The night before

Overnight oats: Add layers of fruit, yoghurt and oats & little milk to a reusable cup. Leave in the fridge overnight. Tip– the bottom layer should be fruit. Experiment with different fruits​.

Mini baked omelette: Follow our recipe. 

Breakfast sandwich: Use bread/bagels/muffins/pitta as your base, add your choice of fillings: egg, avocado, cream cheese, tomatoes, sliced banana etc.​​

Breakfast burritos: Add some muesli, yoghurt & fruit to a wrap. Other ideas include; Scrambled egg & tomatoes, avocados & tomatoes, banana & nut butter.


Smoothies: Quick & easy; blitz some fruit, yoghurt & milk together, top with some oats/fruit/seeds for some extra energy, place in a portable cup. Be creative and find our suggested smoothie recipe.

Fruit: Grab a banana, apple, orange, grapes for a simple breakfast on the go.

Yoghurt fruit cups: Place fruit in the bottom of a portable cup (frozen fruit is great), top with yoghurt.