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Cereal facts

Find out what nutrients are in your bowl of cereal. It will probably surprise you how nutritious your cereal can be!

*Calculations based on average data from several leading cereal brands using UK Reference Nutrient Intakes for children aged 4-17

Corn flakes (30g serving with 150ml milk)
  • 20-48% of  iron needs
  • 38-77% of folic acid needs
  • 60-100% of  vitamin B2 needs
  • All vitamin B12 needs
  • Up to 41% of  calcium needs
  • All for 13-23p per bowl​
Malted wheat cereal (30g serving with 150ml milk)
  • Up to 15% of daily Vitamin D
  • From 58-94% of vitamin B2 needs
  • Up to 18% of recommended fibre needs
  • 24-60%​ daily ​Iron​
  • Up to 41% of calcium needs
  • All for ​14-26p per bowl
Porridge (30g serving with 200ml semi skimmed milk)
  • Up to 56% of daily protein
  • Up to 43% of daily  vitamin B1 needs
  • Up to 14% of daily  recommended fibre needs
  • Up to 17%​ daily ​Iron​
  • Up to 55%​ daily ​calcium​
  • And no added sugar!
  • All for around 15p​ per bowl
Rice pops (30g serving with 150ml milk)
  • Up to 25% Vitamin D needs
  • 60-100% of vitamin B2 needs
  • 30-55% of folic acid needs
  • 24-60%​ daily ​Iron​
  • Up to 41%​ daily ​calcium​
  • All for 14-26p per bowl