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Stress free morning

In a recent Kellogg’s research study, one in five parents with primary aged children consider breakfast to be the ‘trickiest’ time of day (Kellogg’s 2018). Early morning starts can feel chaotic and rushed, with three fifths of parents saying they struggle to find enough time to eat breakfast as a family – and one in ten never sit down to eat the meal together. The research also found that although three quarters of mums and dads consider breakfast to be the most important meal of the day, one third said breakfast time with the kids leaves them feeling ‘stressed and overwhelmed’.  Here are some top tips to reduce the stress at breakfast time:

Tips for a stress-free start to the day


Do as much as possible the night before (Shower, PE kit, packed lunch, uniform ready, homework ready).


Make sure you have plenty of time, get everybody up in good time and leave 5 minutes earlier than you need to.


Use a planner/tick list/chalkboard and establish set routines. Find a free planner link here.​


No computers, phones, tablets, TV, electronics, screen time until dressed, breakfast eaten, teeth cleaned, ready for school.


Stay positive and use positive language and encouragement to start the day off well and with a smile.


Make mornings fun: have music playing (create a playlist that everybody likes).


Keep breakfast simple. Lay things out the night before and allow children to help themselves if old enough: why not try our recipes link here.


Offer incentives/rewards for calm mornings and doing tasks themselves (getting dressed/brushing teeth/wash face).