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Breakfast hacks

Parents told us that getting children to try new foods and eat a healthy breakfast can be a real challenge. So here are some workarounds for getting your children to load up their breakfast bowl with more fruit and veg, eat a greater variety of food types, and how the freezer can become your new best friend by batch cooking quick, simple recipes that are perfect for making ahead.

Freeze it

Keep fruit in bags in the freezer for an instant breakfast smoothie. Overripe bananas work well. Make a batch load of breakfast items e.g., muffins, pancakes…freeze and just get them out as required. It is always good to have food in the freezer for an emergency breakfast! 

Fun it

Mash berries, yoghurt and bananas for a tasty toast topper with a difference. Try something different such as a breakfast kebab, a breakfast pizza, omelette in a bag, breakfast in a mug, fruit and yoghurt lollies, breakfast fruit crumble, breakfast trifle.

Veg it

Children not keen on vegetables? Try adding them to smoothies – spinach, kale, celery and carrots work well. Use leftover vegetables from the night before and mix with eggs for an instant scramble or omelette – it saves you money and it adds taste so it’s a double bonus!

Spice it

Make porridge more exciting by adding fruit and spices such as raisins, cinnamon or nutmeg. Try adding a little spice to your eggs such as an omelette or scrambled egg – curry powder works well!