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Grenfell Integrated Support Service

Thanks to the generous donations of individuals, schools and companies who donated to the Haley Yearwood Crowdfunder, and subsequently to Family Action’s Grenfell appeal, in February 2018 we are launching a new, responsive service for the Grenfell Community in February 2018.

In October 2017, with the support of ClementJames we started a consultation with the Grenfell community to establish what kind of service was needed.

This consultation showed the service must be flexible to meet the changing needs of the community, that it should be warm and welcoming and should be a one-stop-shop for people to access practical and emotional support.

The service, with five dedicated members of staff, will offer bespoke packages of support to anyone who was living in Grenfell Tower or Grenfell Walk, and those affected.

The team are now working with the community to ensure the service meets their needs.

As well as longer support packages we are offering  drop-in sessions, which we hope will provide an additional way for the Grenfell community, which will become more dispersed over time, to keep coming back together and that in turn it will help to maintain friendships and relationships and reduce isolation.

Support could include practical help with things like housing, employment and education, or parenting support. It can also include emotional support, helping people deal with ongoing effects of trauma. Our specialist children and young people’s support worker will work to meet the particular needs and trauma of younger survivors.

The Service is there to be used, to provide solutions to problems, and to help people to keep moving forward. In time we hope that the service will also offer some wellbeing activities as well as advice and information/emotional support/drop in sessions and we will ensure that any activities offered are developed in consultation with the community and with an eye on what else is being provided locally.

What can I do to help the Grenfell Community?

Please donate today to support Family Action’s Grenfell Community Service or visit our Justgiving page to set up a fundraising page.

If you have any questions or would like to get involved in the service, please contact