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Holiday times can be challenging for families, in particular those who are vulnerable or on a low income. The lack of free school meals, regular social contact and play opportunities can create stress and pressure for families, often leading to  financial, social and nutritional challenges.

‘Up to an estimated three million children risk being hungry in the school holidays. This group comprises over a million children growing up in poverty who receive free school meals during term time, as well as an estimated two million who are disqualified from free school meals because their parents work for their poverty.’ (Hungry

Holidays, All-Party Parliamentary Group on Hunger (APPG), April 2017)meals and more

With funding from Brakes Meals & More, Family Action is delivering the Holiday Hub programme, which aims to address poor social inclusion, family nutrition and wellbeing, and financial strain.

‘Most useful is learning about all different recipes without it being so costly, and the meals are really easy to make.’

‘He was picky at first, but has tried new healthy foods.’

Find out about our other Holiday Food and Activities programmes.

About Holiday Hub

Holiday Hub clubs operate across the country – from Wigan to Coventry and from London to Nottinghamshire. Holiday Hub supports families by providing meals and opportunities for family bonding through eating, learning and playing together. As well as taking part in a wide range of fun activities and enjoying quality time together, families learn about nutrition and keeping fit and healthy. Read a short case study from one Holiday Hub setting.


Feedback from families highlights that Holiday Hub has helped them:

  • make healthy and cost-effective meals
  • improve family relationships
  • socialise with other families
  • try new activities
  • get to know the local area better
  • improve their wellbeing.

‘Due to struggling with anxiety, I don’t socialise at all and tend to stay in the house … I have socialised with staff and other families.’

‘It was brilliant. We all enjoyed it as a family.’


Get involved

Please get in touch with us using the details below if you are interested in:

  • volunteering to work within one of our clubs
  • supplying food, resources or other in-kind support for our clubs
  • setting up a Holiday Hub club
  • finding out more about Holiday Hub
  • providing support to Brakes Meals & More programme.

Holiday Hub Members' Area

Please visit our Members’ Area or contact us using the details below for:

  •  the latest Holiday Hub documentation (eg Holiday Hub bulletin, Information and Resources pack)
  • dates for the next focus group sessions
  • support with planning and delivery (eg recipes, portion sizes, food suppliers, sourcing volunteers, training for staff).

Holiday Hub news - Stockton Holiday Hub

We’re delighted that Public Health Stockton is funding a Holiday Hub programme to be run from October 2018 to February 2019 in Stockton-on-Tees. Contact for full details.

Digital Parent Support Service  (DPSS)

Do you know a parent/carer who needs help or support in the evenings and at the weekend? Our free Parent Helpline can provide confidential support and information.

  • Open weekdays 6pm to 10pm, weekends 10am to 1pm
  • Available for parents and carers across England.

We can provide emotional support and guidance on all aspects of parenting. Support is also available from befrienders and counsellors.

Contact us

Holiday Hub
Family Action
Unit 24 Angel Gate
City Road, Islington
London EC1V 2PT

M: 07714 076 184

We look forward to hearing from you!