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The Chemistry Cooks! project aimed to increase interest and engagement in chemistry among children and their parents/carers, as well as helping to build the confidence of community leaders to deliver food chemistry-focused sessions for families in their local area. In summer 2018, 180 children and families took part in eight family fundays in the Midlands and the North West.

Chemistry Cooks! was funded through a grant from the Royal Society of Chemistry and supported by Warwick University’s Chemistry Outreach Team. Contact Family Action’s Holiday Hub team to find out more about the project and how learning and activities from Chemistry Cooks! are being shared with other Holiday Hub settings.

‘I have had a great time with my kids. They are showing me what to do!’

‘I want to add more salt and see what happens.’

‘I want to do this at home with my dad.’

‘I’m so excited to show what I have learned – it’s been amazing!’

‘Staff grew in confidence in delivering activities.’

‘It was amazing. The families really engaged and enjoyed every activity and learnt lots of ideas.’

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