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The Families, Food and Fun programme, co-ordinated by Family Action, took place during the Summer 2018 holidays. Funded by the Department for Education (DfE), the programme offered children AND their parents/carers:

  • free healthy meals and snacks
  • enrichment activities (eg music, drama, crafts)
  • physical activities
  • food-related activities (eg cooking, budgeting)
  • educational trips in the local community
  • signposting to local support services.

40 settings delivered the Families, Food and Fun programme, which is a more intensive version of our Holiday Hub programme. These included charities, schools, children’s centres, youth groups and community centres. Together the settings delivered over 600 sessions and provided children and their parents/carers with over 14,000 meals. The Families, Food and Fun programme took place across the UK (eg North West, West and East Midlands, Yorkshire and Humber, Greater London) in both urban and more rural settings. Regular events were also arranged to enable settings to network, develop their expertise, and share good practices.

‘So pleased free scheme is running – when money is tight and the children get bored over the holidays – its so difficult – this has really helped.’

‘I have learnt lots of helpful tips to start introducing healthy foods in a budget friendly way.’

‘I really enjoyed playing with the balls during today’s football session.’

‘I am now more aware of sugar and salt content in food and am trying to make better choices when doing the shopping.’

‘I like being able to meet other people and spend time with my own family.’

‘Thank you so much for arranging the focus meeting …. It was great to meet some of the other organisations that delivered the FFF programme over the summer and I got a lot out of the conversation and information sharing.’

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