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Family Action’s Rock it! project was funded through a grant by the Institute of Physics. The project aimed to increase awareness and interest in physics among families through rocket-themed fundays, and to develop the skills and confidence of families to communicate about physics. 

A physicist from Warwick University’s community outreach team supported Family Action’s Holiday Hub Co-ordinator to design and oversee the project, and provided detailed guidance on safe, fun and engaging activities for families.

During the summer 2018, 110 children and families took part in four Rock-it! fundays in the Midlands and the North West. As well as increasing families’ interest and engagement in physics-themed activities, the project helped to develop the confidence of community leaders to deliver science focused enrichment sessions.

Learning and activities from the project are being shared with other Holiday Hub settings across the country (eg via workshops), to encourage other community leaders to deliver similar sessions.

‘All of these activities worked extremely well and captured the interest of the adults and children.’

 ‘It was great, so much fun and educational. Please put more on.’

‘This is awesome, the best day ever.’

‘All activities were informative and fun for parents and children.’

‘The families really enjoyed all the activities … it was something completely different and fun.’

‘We will use the activities to support the sessions at the after school club and run further science sessions to ensure we provide activities for local families.’

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