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This is Harrow SENDIAS’ young people’s webpage. This page explains what we do, how to contact us, and provides useful videos and resources. We produce this page with you in mind so if you would like to see something included or would like us to change something, let us know using [email protected].

What does SENDIAS mean?

SENDIAS stands for special educational needs and disability information, advice and support service.

Our service is for people who:

  • Have a special educational need or a disability
  • Are aged 16 to 25
  • Live in Harrow

We answer your questions about:

  • Filling out forms
  • Understanding complicated documents
  • Preparing for meetings with your school / college (and we can come with you)

And much more!

We also advise about education, health or social care concerns and issues, including helping you to understand the Education Health Care Plan (EHC Plan) process. We can help you communicate with professionals, and also tell you about other organisations that might be able to help. Our contact details are at the bottom of this page.

Are our conversations private?

We won’t tell people anything you tell us unless you say we can or if we think you could be in danger. We will help you make your own decisions and won’t tell you what to do.

Do you charge?

No, our service is free.

Useful links

Here are some useful links:


We also have a range of factsheets available to support you with useful information:


About SENDIASS Services

This video explains how a SENDIAS service can help you:









This one also explains SENDIAS services and tells you a little more about why they exist:









Here is a video showing some questions young people often ask about IASS services:








Our Playlist

We also have a youtube playlist of useful videos our service produces that will keep getting bigger over time:
















Contact Details

Find us

Write to: Family Action Harrow SENDIAS Service, Cedars Hall, Artillery Place, Harrow HA3 6QJ

Telephone: 02084 286 487

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: Harrow SENDIAS