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Young Carer Assessments

By law, all young carers are entitled to a Young Carers Assessment to ensure the right support is in place for their own development whilst balancing the needs of the person they care for. It is important to acknowledge young carers and let them know of their rights, even if they choose not to have a formal Young Carers Assessment. Young Carers so often describe themselves as feeling invisible in their roles. Yet, carers need care too.

We provide a full Young Carer Needs Assessment and a bespoke support plan to Young Carers between the ages of 5 – 18 years old. If a young person requires support with their caring role, our Young Carer Practitioners will work actively to ensure caring roles are at a safe and healthy level and that those who are being cared for receive appropriate and timely care and support.

Additional support could include:

  • One-to-one sessions
  • Young Carers wellbeing programme
  • Family sessions
  • Parent/Carer support
  • Referrals and signposting to external services
  • Representation at professionals meetings
  • Professionals training
  • Young Carers’ Ambassadors Programme

About Our Service

Supporting your child as a Young Carer at Home – Useful Documents


Professionals – Identifying and supporting a child as a Young Carer

If you identify a child or young person who may have a caring role you can use “A Day in the Life of…” assessment tool which will support you to assess the level of care that is being provided, the impact and what action to take. To make a referral, please refer to our guidance notes and complete a referral form.

If you are concerned about child or family, Family Action are available to provide confidential case consultations, please contact our team at [email protected]

Pre-Screen and Referral Forms

Young Carer Friendly Community

We build our community by providing professionals training throughout the year. These sessions are open to all professionals regardless of whether your work is with children, young people or adults. All training is free to attend. Full details and the links to register via Eventbrite can be found on our schedule below.

2023/24 Professionals Training Schedule

Our free training offer includes:

  • Train the Trainer in the identification and Support of Young Carers in your Workplace (half day training)
  • Induction to Young Carers (1 hour)
  • Young Carers and the School Census (45 minutes)
  • Young Carers and the NHS Long Term Plan (45 minutes)
  • Young Carers in Healthcare Roundtable Sessions (1hr 15mins)

We support external services to achieve a Young Carers Award. This scheme is open to education, statutory services, healthcare and community services. Those gaining awards demonstrate their commitment to supporting young carers in their setting and working together to build on this commitment and provide additional help, support and signposting for young carers and their families – building a stronger community for young carers. Those wishing to gain Award status are required to:

  • Nominate Young Carer Champions within their setting
  • Attend our free Train the Trainer ‘Identification and Support of Young Carers in your Workplace’ training, and disseminate their learning to staff teams and young people
  • Implement a Young Carers policy for their workplace
  • Undertake a self-assessment within their school, organisation or group to identify young carers
  • Create a supporting environment within their school, organisation or group, such as providing young carer groups or drop in services
  • Refer Young Carers to Family Action for a young carers assessment and further targeted support, when appropriate
  • Attend Family Action training and reflective sessions

For more information about our training offer, please contact our team at [email protected]

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