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Family Action is very honoured to have been chosen by Haley Yearwood to disburse the funds raised through her incredible crowdfunding appeal. We have established a new grants scheme in order to disburse £750,000 of the money generously donated by over 36,000 donors through Haley’s appeal. The rest of the money raised will fund a long term responsive service providing practical and emotional support to the Grenfell community. Please see our full press release for more information.

The Family Action – Haley Yearwood Grants Fund for Grenfell

Grants are being given to help people replace items destroyed by the fire, money to replace furniture, IT equipment, clothes and toys, money to help with large phone bills and additional travel costs, money to help people replace specialist items to enable them to go back to work or to continue their studies; money to enable people to get out of the area for a short break; and helping cover other additional costs because of the fire.

We are considering all requests for grants within two working days so that we get the money to the applicants very quickly.

Family Action has extensive experience of grant giving. We have shown that grants to individuals, given at the right time for the right things can have a significant impact on a family’s or individual’s ability to move forward. Read about how our Open Doors Grants Programme demonstrates this.

How does the Family Action – Haley Yearwood Grants Fund for Grenfell work?

The fund is being distributed via Family Action’s established network of partner organisations working with and for the Grenfell community. Our referral organisations are: The ClementJames Centre, The Westway Trust, the Venture Centre, The Rugby Portobello Trust and Action on Disability Kensington and Chelsea. This network was set up in the immediate aftermath of the fire, with Family Action having already disbursed over £300,000 of grants from our own Crowdfunder.

These partner organisations can make applications for grants on behalf of the people they are supporting.  We work through referral organisations because they can help us ensure that grants are going to the right people, and because we know that grants are often more effective when given alongside other kinds of support.

What kind of things do grants go towards?

The grants made from the fund are being put towards items or purposes that will support an individual or family’s general wellbeing as they seek to rebuild their lives following the fire.  Examples could include funding for or towards:

  • extraordinary or unexpected one off costs (such as to cover non-routine child care needs, e.g. to allow parents to attend therapy sessions or housing appointments, or large phone bills incurred contacting friends and family following the fire);
  • leisure activities and day trips to support families in rebuilding their family lives; or
  • the replacement of equipment lost in the fire, such as to support with a disability or other particular need.

We have kept the criteria for grants broad and flexible to meet the varying needs of people directly affected by the fire.

Thank you to everyone who has supported this appeal.  If you have any questions about the service, please contact

What else is Family Action doing for the Grenfell Community?

The rest of the funds raised will be used to fund a long term responsive service providing emotional and practical support to the Grenfell community in the long term. Family Action is shortly to engage in consultation with the community to ensure the service meets their needs and will launch in January 2018.

What can I do to help the Grenfell Community?

Please donate today to support Family Action’s Grenfell Community Service, launching in January 2018, or visit our Justgiving page to set up a fundraising page.

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