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For 150 years, Family Action have been working to relieve the everyday struggles, big and small, faced by every family. But we’ve noticed that, like monsters, these pressures sometimes hide in the dark and grow when we don’t talk about them. That is why, to mark our 150th anniversary, we are launching the Family Monsters Project, to start a national conversation about the pressures on every family and how we can face them together. We want to encourage people to get involved, join the conversation and share their own family monsters, as well as our short film, to help others talk about and deal with the challenges all families face.

Latest news

Tanya’s story: an adoptee working in adoption

Tanya, a Project Worker with our Adopteens service, delivered by PAC-UK shares her own experience of being adopted and how…

The research behind our work supporting families facing pressures

Now that the school summer holidays are over and children are back at school, our Chief Executive David Holmes CBE talks…
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