Who we are

Family Action is an award-winning national charity working from the heart of local communities across England and Wales. We’ve been supporting people through change, challenge and crisis for over 150 years.

We believe family is the key to positive futures, for individuals and communities. We believe there’s no right way to be a family, it’s relationships that matter. We know first-hand that our early experiences of family stay with us, for better or worse.

That’s why, whatever’s going on in your family, we’re here for you. From baby bumps to bumps in the road, we’re here for every age and stage of life. Putting food on the table with our FOOD Club and National School Breakfast programmes, giving new families the best start through perinatal, parenting and post-adoption support, finding lost confidence through our wellbeing and counselling services.

Wherever we’re needed, our Family Action support workers get right alongside people: protecting children, supporting young people and offering direct, practical help to families. Our national, free FamilyLine is open to anyone feeling overwhelmed with any family-related issue.

We all have our own family stories. Some are tougher than others. But the story of today doesn’t have to be the story of tomorrow, for any of us. Family is a doing word. Together, we change lives.

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What we do


Volunteering has been at the heart of Family Action since we were established in 1869 by a group of volunteers dedicated to bringing positive change to the lives of vulnerable families.

150 years later, our volunteers are still changing lives. Whether they are meeting with a family or an individual face to face; taking calls from a parent in need of advice; or working behind the scenes to give vital administrative support to one of our frontline services or Head office teams, every one of our volunteers makes an impact and helps us achieve our aim of strengthening families and communities.

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