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Family Action has been distributing grants to help people and families in need since we were founded in 1869.

We know that by giving a small grant when it’s needed the most, we can remove immediate financial barriers. This helps families to work through the bigger issues they’re facing such as fleeing abuse or keeping their children in school.

Our grants programmes complement our aim to strengthen families and communities, build skills and resilience and improve the life chances of everyone we work with.

Making a small financial investment can make a big difference to the lives of families like Sarah’s. Read her story to find out how £150 made a difference.

Our small grants programmes focuses on the two areas of Welfare and Education. We believe these to be two of the key areas in which we can really make a difference to support families, both those facing an immediate domestic need and those seeking to improve their educational and employment prospects.

If you or someone you know would like to apply for a grant, visit these links to read the criteria and find out how to apply.

With regret we are unable to acknowledge or respond to postal enquiries. Any enquiries about welfare or educational grants should be made via the email addresses provided in the above links.

What does living in poverty mean?

Living in poverty is a very real issue for thousands of families in the UK; as many as 1 in 3 children grow up living in poverty, despite the UK being the seventh richest country in the world.

Living in poverty means only ever wearing hand me downs and having to choose between putting on the heating or eating dinner at night. 36% of the population are just one large heating bill or a broken washing machine away from hardship.

Other Grants Programmes

Open Doors

Family Action, supported by our corporate partner NewDay, also delivers the Open Doors Grants Programme. Read more here.

Family Action Grenfell Grants Service

After the tragic Grenfell Tower Fire in 2017, Family Action disbursed funds raised through our own Justgiving appeal, and the Haley Yearwood Crowdfunder. We established a grants scheme to disburse £750,000 of the money Haley raised, and over £348,000 donated directly. The rest of the money raised will fund a long term responsive service providing practical and emotional support to the Grenfell community. Please see our full press release for more information.

This grants scheme will run in addition to the Grenfell Tower Grants service set up by Family Action in the days after the fire.

Read Yasmin’s story to see how poverty affected her and her children

Yasmin’s story

Family Action awarded Yasmin a grant of £200 for clothes for her children.

Yasmin has five children, who became homeless due to fleeing domestic abuse. When Yasmin came to Family Action, they were staying in temporary accommodation, waiting for a permanent home.

This was a time of immense stress for them, being uprooted from all they know and having to start afresh. Yasmin works extremely hard to provide for her children but this is quite impossible at times. All of the children are young and growing fast, and are constantly growing out of their clothes.

Yasmin’s children were sharing jackets and shoes. They are often teased by neighbouring children when their clothes don’t fit properly, and look worn.

Yasmin received a grant to buy her children new clothes. She was delighted that thanks to this grant, her children will have clothes that fit her properly. With the practical and emotional support she received alongside, we know they have a chance to build a safe and loving family unit.