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Demonstrating our Impact

It’s vital that we measure the impact we have. It ensures we effectively assess not only the value of our support, but the difference it makes to people’s lives. More than just counting numbers, impact is the long-term contribution we can make to:

  • The lives of services users
  • The communities they live in
  • Reducing the need for further care and support in the future

We can evidence significant impact across our four specialist service areas – Early Years, Children and Families, Adult Mental Health and Wellbeing and Grants.

Our latest impact report looks at how Family Action has continued to evolve over the last 150 years, in order to improve our services and better meet the needs of our service users.

Family Action Impact Report Issue 5


Family Action’s fourth impact report looks at how the charity has continued to challenge itself and to innovate to ensure we support the most vulnerable children and families across the country.

Family Action Impact Report issue 4


Our third impact report focuses on understanding how our services have had a positive effect on the lives of the children, young people and families we support.

Family Action Impact Report issue 3


The second impact report we commissioned highlights how we use the Theory of Change to demonstrate how our activities contribute to outcomes which, in turn, help us achieve our final goal.

Family Action Impact Report issue 2


Our 2014 inaugural Impact Report focused on a successful service from each of our areas of work.

Family Action Impact Report issue 1


Our services are innovative, and by focusing on interventions that improve outcomes in these areas, we can have a positive effect on the lives of services users, on those who commission our services, and on those who create policy and influence change. We conduct in house and external evaluations and all our up-to-date reports can be found here:


Social Prescribing in Secondary Care

Commissioned by Healthy London Partnership, the Social Prescribing in Secondary Care Service supported individuals either in Homerton Hospital, Hackney, or who had been recently discharged, to access community services. A How to Guide has been developed to share learning about how to implement this service.

Social Prescribing in Secondary Care Evaluation Report

Social Prescribing in Secondary Care – How to Guide


Health Champions, Peterborough, Swaffham and Sandwell

Funded by the Department of Health, the Health Champions Service is designed to support families where children or young people in the family are diagnosed with, or are suspected of being affected by, Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and/or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). It provides befriending, peer support groups, and help for parents to access other relevant services.

Health Champions Evaluation Final Report

Health Champions Evaluation Executive Summary


East Midlands Adoption Support Service (EMASS)

Funded by the Department for Education, this is a post-adoption support service available to adoptive families and Special Guardians going through crisis after adoption placement or after a Special Guardianship Order.

EMASS Evaluation Report 2018 Executive Summary

EMASS Evaluation Report 2018


Improving Futures: Family Support Services, Haringey and Southend

Funded by the Big Lottery Fund, these services offer holistic support for families with a child up to the age of 10.

Improving Futures Executive Summary

Improving Futures Final Report 2017


Parents, Children and Change Pilot Project in partnership with Family Links

Supporting families in a community setting to recognise, adapt to and cope with life changes through a single, well structured session of family support.

Parents, Children and Change Pilot Evaluation Executive Summary

Parents, Children and Change Pilot Evaluation Report


Our Wellfamily Service

Hackney WellFamily Evaluation Summary

Hackney WellFamily Evaluation Executive Summary

Hackney WellFamily Evaluation

Evaluation of Hackney A&E WellFamily Pilot Service 2018


Our Perinatal Service

Perinatal Support Service Outcome Triangle

Southwark Perinatal Support Project Evaluation 2009

Perinatal Support Project Evaluation 2012 Professor Jane Barlow

Pro Bono Economics Economic Assessment of the Perinatal Support Service 2014

Medway Perinatal Support Service Evaluation Final Report May 2018

Medway PSS Technical Appendix


Our Family Star

Outcomes Star in Practice

Family Star Evaluation Summary Report

Family Star Evaluation


Our Young Carers Service

Kensington and Chelsea Young Carers Evaluation 2011


Our ESCAPE Allotment Service

Friends of Swaffham Orchard Project Evaluation 2016

ESCAPE SROI Assured Report


Our Building Bridges Service

Building Bridges for Young People Evaulation

Building Bridges Evaluation Summary

Early Intervention Grasping the Nettle Full Report


Our National School Breakfast Programme

Food for thought Progress Report 2019


Our Small Steps Service

Small Steps evaluation final report

Small Steps evaluation final report – exec summary