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Our Strategy: Building on 150 years

Through all that we do, Family Action is rooted in the belief that well-functioning and supported families are a driving force for happy, healthy individuals and communities. Building on all that we have achieved over the past 150 years – providing practical, emotional and financial support to vulnerable children, adults and families – our new strategy provides a route map for what we need to do next; to ensure we keep building stronger families far into the future.

Download our Building on 150 years strategy 2019-2024

Designed to provide a clear direction of travel to guide us through uncertain times, our new strategy is focused on five key objectives:

  1. Agile and responsive – always able to look ahead, to innovate and to seize opportunities
  2. Managed growth – continue to grow in a managed, sustainable way so that we can support more children, adults and families to have better lives
  3. Improved quality – to ensure that our services are of the highest possible quality so that we can maximise the difference made to the people we work with
  4. Better known with a bolder, stronger voice for families – to speak out for families through building our national profile and positioning and having increased influence and impact
  5. Valuing our people – investing in our staff and volunteers and their development so that Family Action becomes an even better place to work

Our vision
Our vision is that everyone who comes to us will receive the help they need to tackle their problems, whether they are experiencing poverty, disadvantage, social isolation or other pressures. Families may be very different in composition and circumstance, but they should all be empowered and supported so each individual member can thrive.

Our mission
Our mission is to provide services and financial support which will strengthen and improve the life chances of those who are poor, disadvantaged or socially isolated. We believe in the strengths within families and seek to empower everyone we work with, ensuring they are listened to. We help people look to the future and not be defined by their past.

Our values and behaviours
We aim to achieve our ambitions and much more by embracing our values and behaviours, both in our work and professional relationships – with colleagues, partners and those who use our services.
We do this by always:
• Being people focused
• Reflecting a ‘can do’ approach
• Striving for excellence in everything we do
• Having mutual respect for everyone we work with and support through our services