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Every child deserves a happy memory and every family needs happy experiences to thrive.

Can you imagine a childhood without happy memories? The unfortunate reality is that too many children and families live with complex and sometimes multiple challenges including domestic abuse, mental health issues, poverty and disadvantage leaving them facing isolation, negative memories and poor life chances.

Creating Happy Memories is our new campaign to raise money so that we can provide positive experiences and activities for families and children. These invaluable opportunities act as a much needed break from every day burdens and challenges that can become all encompassing.

We’re not talking about expensive foreign holidays or elaborate trips: just good, simple fun which we think all children need and deserve no matter what their family situation. Picture1

These outings are a rare opportunity for our families and children to strengthen their relationships and build confidence in a safe and supported environment, whilst participating in new and positive experiences, often with other families.  Activities will vary and may be something as simple as a trip to the seaside or countryside, swimming lessons or a picnic, in the long summer holidays. These important relationships and social networks are so very important in building self-confidence and resilience – both vital in helping people deal with day to day obstacles.

Our community based services are perfectly positioned to work with their families to deliver Creating Happy Memories trips and activities in a way that makes families feel valued and secure.

Get involved today!

Creating Happy Memories will be a long running campaign for Family Action with lots of different activities happening over the the months and years to come that will be of enormous benefit to our service users. Please visit this page to see the latest updates!