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A Mum’s story: Facing your family monsters

09 January 2019

A mum shares how one of our Perinatal Support Services and especially how her support worker *Jade has helped her and her family…

“My support worker has helped me in so many ways; my self esteem, my confidence as a mum and has helped me to have more fun and enjoy my family”.

I am a mum of three children and with my second child I suffered really bad postnatal depression which in time was resolved, but with the burden of guilt of losing the precious time with my second daughter, I went on to have my third child.
When I became pregnant with my third child, I was so worried that the post-natal depression would come back. As time went on and my baby girl arrived, my anxiety increased and I began to worry compulsively. When I spoke to my health visitor about this, she suggested a referral to the Perinatal Services. Although I was unsure and worried of what the Perinatal Services were or what they did, I agreed to meet Jade, with my health visitor.

Jade arrived with my Health Visitor and my worries slowly reduced. At the time of meeting Jade, she seemed a really nice lady, instantly putting me at ease and making me feel calm. I did not feel judged and Jade made me feel safe – which was a massive thing for me. As time went on, Jade started to build a positive relationship with me and my daughters enjoyed time when she came to support us. Jade helped me through the different changes that occur within a baby’s first year and made me feel less worried in trying new things. This was a big thing for me as I felt uncertain and unsure of how to approach things and what to do – Jade brought a sense of self achievement for me and encouraged me to do things at my own pace. Jade visited me on a weekly basis for a long period, which slowly reduced to fortnightly visits.

“I was not the only mum with worries. Life got better.”

At first I was unsure on whether I could cope with reduced visits, but Jade gave me the confidence to try this and I managed it. Jade also invited me to her attachment and self-care Perinatal Mental Health group “Me, You, Us” which was amazing and allowed me to meet new people and do things with my baby that I would not have thought of doing before e.g. messy play. Being a part of this group allowed my daughter to socialise with other babies and also gave me an opportunity to see that I was not the only mum with worries. Life got better.

Jade has helped me in so many ways; my self esteem, my confidence as a mum and has helped me to have more fun and enjoy my family. Jade was always available at the end of the phone and was a great listener. With Jade’s help, me and my three girls cracked it and it’s amazing what this one lady has done for me and my family. Jade came into our lives at such a vulnerable time and I honestly don’t know where I would’ve been without her.

Since Jade discharged me, I have taken on all her good advice and have been able to deal with situations in a better/new way. I am now enjoying my children and can see that they are enjoying me. Jade has her subtle ways of helping and I did not realise how she was helping me to help myself to reduce my anxieties and worries. Jade has changed my life so much and I have learnt a lot about myself with her support.

*Names have been changed

Here’s a mum of three telling her story and facing her Family Monsters – you can also join the conversation to and together we can face our Family Monsters. Feel free to share your Family Monsters on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other any social media channels, using the #MyFamilyMonsters.