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How we’re helping families thrive in an uncertain time

26 September 2022

Our new impact report outlines how both our charity and the people we support have adapted to uncertain times.  

In some ways, our yearly impact report is a “business as usual” document; highlighting our current priorities, our successes and the milestones that have defined the previous year.  And yet the past few years have been anything but business as usual.

Our newest report was drafted in the aftermath of COVID, and with the realisation that the cost-of-living crisis would affect the lives of those we support for some time to come.  

That uncertainty continues as, while this report was drafted before the death of our former patron HRH Queen Elizabeth II, we know that this too will influence the environment in which our services are delivered, and our work is seen.

Though few of us need to be told, both the pandemic and current economic circumstances are highlighting existing issues for families such as food insecurity, access and familiarity with technology, insecure employment and the “gig economy”, and the inconsistency of access to support, with the most vulnerable families often getting hit the hardest. 

“The pandemic and current economic circumstances are highlighting existing issues for families such as food insecurity, insecure employment … with the most vulnerable families often getting hit the hardest.” 

The report outlines our commitment to addressing the key factors defining family life today – poverty, family dynamics and safety, community wellbeing and change. 

It then highlights how our existing services address these concerns – for example, showing how our Special Educational Needs and Disability Information and Advice Services (SENDIASS) helps with family dynamics and safety by helping parents and carers access the information and support they need, boosting their confidence and capability.

Outlining our priorities and how services are meeting these demands is valuable and illustrates how our range of services fill the holes in the jigsaw of family life.  However, the report also showcases individual stories from the mouths of those who matter – the people we work with and whose voices shape everything we do.  

We’re grateful that our staff were able to adapt to support people during these difficult times, with the report charting both the development of new services that responded to the short-term needs of the COVID crisis as well as the instigation of long-term services that build on what we’ve learnt.

One such service is our Stockton Strategic Partnership, which shares knowledge and expertise and builds family resilience for the uncertain times that look to be a feature of our lives for some time yet.  

Partnership work like this is vital as the exceptional situation we find ourselves in is bigger than any one person, charity or organisation.

That’s why we ask that you read the report and note how we’re working with the people using our services, alongside other charities, businesses, organisations and the government itself to ensure that we’re working in the smartest way possible, so that families are getting the best of all of us… because we’re doing this for all of us.