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Breakfast at home

In a normal school year schools are open just over half the year (taking into account weekends and school holidays). This means even where breakfast is available within school, children are still having breakfast at home almost 50% of the time.  

Did you know? 

  • 20-30% of school children skip breakfast on a regular basis.  
  • 81% of teachers agree that hungry children are unable to concentrate.  
  • Eating breakfast is linked to doing better at school.  
  • 20% of parents of primary aged children find breakfast the trickiest time of the day.  
  • Eating a healthy breakfast can lead to improved mental health and mood in teenagers. 
  • Breakfast provides lots of important vitamins and minerals. 

In this section you will find, tips, ideas, information, recipes, videos and quizzes to make breakfast time an easy part of your morning routine.