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Sugar and breakfast

Many parents are unsure what makes up a healthy breakfast and can find it confusing. Research found that 84% of parents whose child was consuming the equivalent of 3 or more sugar cubes in their breakfast considered their child’s breakfast to be healthy (PHE, 2017)Below we show you which options are low, medium and high in sugar to help you choose the healthier options.  

Recommended Daily Allowance

Age 4-6: no more than 19 grams

Age 7-10: no more than 24 grams

no more than 30 grams

Low sugar
5 grams or less per 100g

Porridge Oats
Wheat biscuits
Shredded wheat
Crisped rice
Low Sugar oat hoops

Medium sugar
5g - 22g per 100g

No Added sugar muesli
Bran Flakes
Choco hoops
High Fibre Bran
Apple and Blueberry porridge
Fruit and Fibre

High sugar
more than 22.5g per 100g

Chocolate snaps
Honey and nut cornflakes
Frosted flakes
Chocolate pillows
Strawberry yoghurt breaks bars
Crisped rice cereal bar
Choc chip brunch bar
Crisped rice marshmallow square