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Weekend breakfast

Breakfast can encourage family bonding time and can be a relaxing start to the weekend. It can be a good way to get the kids out of bed and is a chance to talk and puts everyone in a good mood for the rest of the day!

Tips on planning a weekend breakfast together​
  • Involve everyone in planning or perhaps take it in turns to plan.
  • Make it healthy – introduce fruit, oats, wholemeal grains and new foods to try, click here for recipe ideas.
  • Sitting together around the table is good, but have a think about new places to have breakfast too, e.g., in the garden, make an inside den with sheets, go to the park…  
  • Send an invite to everyone.
  • Have it once a week/once a fortnight or even once a month – put the dates in so everyone remembers.
Ideas for a themed breakfast
  • Choose a country, e.g., America (pancakes) or Sweden (yoghurt and fruit) and find out what their traditional breakfast would be, then create your own version of this.  
  • Choose a book or a favourite film and dress up as characters or create a breakfast from the book or film, e.g., a mad hatter’s breakfast or a superheroes breakfast!
  • Create a hotel style buffet breakfast – everyone helps themselves to a range of breakfast items. 
  • A version of a fast food takeaway breakfast e.g., an egg muffin or pancakes and blueberries.
  • An unusual breakfast e.g., breakfast on a kebab stick, a breakfast pizza or a breakfast wrap, click here for recipes!