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Together At Christmas – Toy Appeal

19 November 2018

Help give a child in your local area a happier and brighter Christmas, by joining our Toy Appeal!

Christmas is a magical time for many of us, as we are able to spend time with family and spoil our loved ones. However, every year there are thousands of families who simply do not have the resources or stability to enjoy Christmas in the way so many of us are lucky enough to.

This is why in 2011 Family Action launched the Toy Appeal, to reach out and offer support to those who are struggling around the Christmas period. The Appeal is continuing to grow year on year, allowing more and more children nationwide to receive a donated gift this Christmas, with around 24,000 toys having been delivered to date.

The demand is higher than ever this Christmas with over 8000 children around the country needing a gift! Family Action works with some of the country’s most vulnerable families, offering crucial support in a variety of different areas from mental health, domestic abuse, life as a young carer and extreme financial hardship. As you can imagine, service users are often going through extremely difficult times and periods of celebration can be particularly hard and alienating, especially for parents who are unable to get their children any gifts at all which is why donations really do help to make such a difference.

“Over 8000 children around the country needing a gift!”

The Toy Appeal will provide you with an amazing opportunity to give back within your local community, as once registered donors are matched up to a service in their local area! You will receive some information about the work that the service do, as well as, the ages and genders of the children you will be buying gifts for. So, this can help you choose suitable presents and also give you an idea about who your generosity is helping.

To get involved and help spread some joy this Christmas all you need to do is complete a short registration form which can be found here.

The registration form will ask you, whether, you wish to buy gifts or make a cash donation. So, if you would prefer us to buy the gifts on your behalf we are able to use your donations to do so! If you wish to purchase the gifts yourself you will then be matched to a local, Family Action, service who you will arrange to deliver the gifts to!

This particular Appeal, tends to be focused more on organisations giving (for demand purposes). However, if you would like to get involved as an individual, the Toy Appeal is just one element of out Together At Christmas Appeal. Find out more about the ways you can get involved here!

So get your company involved and help now! Here’s how simple it can be!