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FOOD Clubs – a lifeline for my family

20 July 2023

Raising a family isn’t cheap, and costs can spiral during the summer when the safety net of school is removed and children are at home all day. Here mum Parul explains how Family Action’s FOOD Clubs help smooth out summer spending, prevent food waste and create special memories with her family. 

The last few years have been more expensive during the summer months as my kids are at home seven days a week and all they want to do is eat.

At the moment the cost of living is ridiculous – at least when they’re at school you can give them their packed lunch and you’re done.

Luckily my eldest one is working so that takes the burden off a little, but with the four younger ones it’s so much harder.

You need to be doing stuff with them all the time: they want to be spending money or you need to entertain them, and you’re more under pressure when you both work, as my husband and I both do.

“Saving money with FOOD Clubs is a lifesaver.”

That’s why saving money with FOOD Clubs is a lifesaver.

I hate food waste – we don’t waste anything in our house – so when I heard about FOOD Clubs I thought it was such a good idea.

This was pre-COVID, so food prices weren’t as high then, but my children will eat anything that’s put in front of them and I thought it was great value and a chance to try different stuff.

Now, at this moment in time, it’s a life changer because of how expensive food is.

We’re a Muslim household but when we registered to join the club we let the ladies who work there know and they remembered we only want Halal food – they’re always respectful.

When I pick up the bag on Fridays I plan my meals for the week around it and it works for us because we’re keen on eating nutritionally and there’s always plenty of veg… the other day they gave me a LOAD of carrots.

That’s fine because with my husband and I there are seven mouths to feed, and anything they give us isn’t wasted!

That’s the thing with the FOOD Clubs – they give us real food: it’s not all ready meals and they’re always suggesting new things… and if we tell them we don’t like something they won’t give it to us again.

I’ll tell you something interesting though… My little one was talking about the egg McMuffin breakfast at McDonalds, and I was explaining how expensive it would be for us to buy them for the family.

On the Friday I turned up at FOOD Club and they gave me eight muffins, cheese slices and eggs. It was like they’d read my mind! It’s so funny and we’ve talked about it ever since – my kids say mine were BETTER than McDonalds’.

The staff are very, very friendly people and you get to know who works there on which day – they’re lovely.

I love going to FOOD Club and wouldn’t miss it unless I was so ill I couldn’t get out of bed.

Even my kids are like “what did you get from FOOD Club today? What’s in the bag?”

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