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PTFC Support Volunteer

About this role

Planning Together for Children is a programme that promotes co-operative parenting by helping both parents or carers understand the impact of separation and conflict on children. The programme is for parents who have been ordered to attend by the Family Courts, or who are attending before their hearing in agreement with their Cafcass officer. Each month, we receive hundreds of referrals requesting attendance.

PTFC Support volunteers are home-based, and support parents over by phone or online. They provide information about the PTFC course, help participants who may be struggling to engage with the service to understand its benefits, and support with how to book on to and access the course. 

What is the time commitment?

This role is for 4 hours per week approximately. Minimum commitment for 6 months.

Who will you be helping?

Adults, Children, Families, Parents

Individuals who are court ordered to attend the PTFC are often overwhelmed and could be in the middle of a demanding court battle with their co-parent, be struggling with childcare responsibilities or be battling with work commitments amongst overcoming other obstacles.

Attending a Planning Together for Children (PTFC) course is the last thing on their mind however, the most resistant participant is often the one to benefit the most from attending this course.

Some participants face barriers to participating in the self-directed E-learning prior to attending PTFC groupwork due to factors such as a limited understanding of technology or other individual support needs.

What difference will you make?

As a PTFC Support Volunteer, you will help participants understand what PTFC is, encourage them to be open to learning by explaining the benefits of the course, and support attendance by helping to remove barriers to participation. You will help participants understand how the course fits with the court process and how to access the course online.

Volunteers can add huge value to the service as they provide practical information, advice and support to vulnerable parents/carers.

A conversation with one of our volunteers could make all the difference in encouraging a participant’s attendance. Attending will mean they can adopt the strategies learnt during the course to co-parent effectively, which could then have a lasting positive impact on their child’s mental health. 

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for volunteers from all backgrounds and communities who are passionate about supporting others and have an insight into the impact of separation and divorce.

This role is a national, home-based role. PTFC Support Volunteers need to have a computer or laptop, mobile phone, and access to the internet.

Volunteers will need to:

  • Be enthusiastic, committed, and  reliable
  • Have an insight into the impact of separation and divorce
  • Be compassionate, supportive, non-judgmental, and empathetic
  • Demonstrate resilience and the ability to remain calm in times of stress
  • Have basic computer skills with an understanding of how to use Zoom, Excel and databases (training will be provided)
  • Have a proficient level of English and good all round communication skills
  • Communicate sensitively with participants in writing and by telephone
  • Have an awareness of the need for professional boundaries when working with vulnerable people
  • Understand the importance of confidentiality and will adhere data protection and GDPR policy.
  • Abide by all Family Action’s policies and procedures

What's in it for you?

Family Action volunteers tell us that volunteering with us can be challenging at times, but it is also very rewarding to know they are making a positive difference in the lives of others.

As a PTFC Support Volunteer, you will benefit from:

  • Contributing to the number of service users attending the course, where strategies learnt could benefit their children
  • Making a difference by supporting participants who may be challenging due to anxiety, lack of technical skills or limited insight into the benefits of the course.
  • High quality training sessions that will allow you to develop your skills and knowledge, and to excel in your volunteer role
  • Support and guidance from our Volunteer coordinator including 1-1 sessions and group supervision alongside other volunteers
  • Ongoing training throughout your time as a volunteer to continuously build on your knowledge and skills.

All Family Action volunteers receive full training and access to ongoing supervision and support as long as they are in the role. For PTFC Support Volunteers, this includes full training on the use of our online database (Inform), using Zoom and dealing with challenging calls. 

How can you find out more?

You may like to chat with a member of staff about whether this is the right role for you, or you may be ready to apply right now.

Either way, just click the ‘I’m interested’ button below to leave your contact details, and a member of staff will be in touch to discuss your next steps in becoming a Family Action volunteer. 

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