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 “I’m not alone and other parents go through the same.” – EPEC parent participant, Stockport

EPEC empowers mothers, fathers, parents and carers to better understand, manage and enrich their children’s needs and development, as well as to look after themselves. The Empowering Parents, Empowering Communities (EPEC) programme is an evidence-based parenting programme delivered by volunteer Parent Group Leaders (PGLs) to local parents in their own communities. This peer-led approach seeks to support parents and carers by developing parenting techniques and growing supportive communities.

Our services

The programme is designed to help support parents in raising confident, happy children and will look at how to develop communication skills, resilience and relationships. Our courses will help you to develop skills to:

• listen, communicate and interact more effectively with your children
• create closer relationships with your children
• accept and manage your feelings
• help your child to develop
• respond to your child’s behaviour (especially where it is difficult/challenging)
• look after your own wellbeing and health.


Parent Group Leaders (PGLS) are essential in delivering the EPEC courses. Supporting those from your local area means that you know and understand the challenges they face and what help may be most appropriate. To do this, we need carers, mums and dads, across all ethnicities and different cultures, to help by becoming volunteer group leaders.



How it works

By parents for parents, EPEC has been running successfully across the UK for many years and works by finding suitable volunteers that have direct experience of parenting, who undergo quality accredited training to enable them to support other parents in the local community. The EPEC Parent Group Leader training equips parents to lead groups/courses in their own communities, with ongoing support and supervision from the local EPEC team.

Providing a listening ear and a safe space to talk openly about challenges and concerns, the PGL helps to lead the group, allowing positive discussion as well as exploring a variety parenting methods, supported by evidence-based parenting strategies through the Being a Parent programme.

EPEC groups offer parents the chance to develop their listening skills, communicate and interact more effectively with their children, nurture closer parent-child relationships, accept and manage feelings, promote positive development, manage difficult and challenging behaviour as well as look after their own wellbeing and health.

EPEC course sessions are highly interactive, offering an engaging and creative blend of small and large group discussion, role play, demonstrations, information sharing and reflection. Parents practice and use their new skills in everyday life to achieve specific goals.

EPEC is a proven method of prevention and early intervention that helps children and families get the very best start in life.

EPEC Courses

EPEC Manchester delivers two courses:

• Being a Parent (1-3) – for parents and carers of children aged 1-3, and, at a later stage,
• Baby and Us for new parents and carers with babies under 1 year old

Both programmes are designed to help caregivers to be empowered in their role as parents.

“Being A Parent” sessions cover:
Session 1 – Being a “good enough” parent
Session 2 – Feelings
Session 3 – Play and Listening
Session 4 – Valuing my child
Session 5 – Understanding Childrens Behaviour
Session 6 – Managing behaviours and Strategies
Session 7 – Listening
Session 8 – Review and support

Watch this space for more information on our Baby and Us courses.

Get in touch

Being a Parent is an 8-week course for parents and carers of children between the ages of 1 and 3.

The EPEC service is open to ALL carers and parents that may be experiencing behavioural difficulties with their children or are interested in learning about a variety of parenting techniques that may have a positive impact, as well as finding a supportive community to support their own well-being. The course will help you to manage your feelings, and your child’s feelings, communicate and interact positively with your child, use positive strategies to manage your child’s behaviour, and understand how to manage parental stress.

The course is made up of eight 2-hour sessions, led by trained parents. The parent group leaders bring all of their knowledge, experience and skills with them, and are supported by a professional team, to help you get the most out of the course

Email us at [email protected] to book a place on a group or give us a call on 0161 528 0730.


Volunteer with us!

Get involved

EPEC Manchester are looking for carers, mums or dads that can help by becoming parent volunteer group leaders.

As a parenting programme that is for parents, by parents – EPEC Manchester needs local parents to deliver the course. The programme trains local parents in leading and facilitating groups that, in turn, support other parents.

Parent Group Leaders would undergo quality training, providing the ability for parents to successfully facilitate our groups/courses in their own communities. Ongoing support from specialist EPEC Supervisors through regular supervision.

As a volunteer group leader, you will:

• Receive quality training and close support from the local EPEC team,
• Learn to lead practical, caring groups for local parents,
• Share tried and tested methods that help give children the best start in life,
• Build your confidence, develop your current skills, and learn new ones!
• Make a real difference for local children and families so they can have the best possible start, and,
• Have access to a varied career development programme.

Taking part is entirely voluntary, and is typically delivered 1 day a week, over 10 weeks. All we ask is that you have experience of being a parent, you are motivated and committed to volunteering!

If you are open, encouraging, patient and welcoming, we’d love to invite you to be a Parent Group Leader. Please get in touch by emailing the team at [email protected] or using the form found here – please select the area in which you are interested in volunteering:

Parent Group Leader, North Manchester
Parent Group Leader, South Manchester
Parent Group Leader, Central Manchester

EPEC Team locations

Manchester North
Shirley Road,
M8 0NE

Manchester Central
Central Manchester
1a Farrer Road
M13 0QX

Manchester South
Crossacres Family Hub
Poundswick Lane
M22 9TA

[email protected]
Phone number
0161 528 0730
Opening times
9.00am – 3.30pm

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