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What we do

The service works in line with the Local Authority’s Vision for Medway Children and Young People, to ensure they are Thriving, Healthy and Learning Well. Referrals are accepted from families with children from 0-19 (up to 25 with a SEN diagnosis).

The aims of the Service are to:

  • Improve mental health and wellbeing of families
  • Increase self-confidence within families
  • Reduce social isolation for the family
  • Promote smooth transitions between Education settings
  • Increase families’ knowledge and understanding around Autism and ADHD
  • Promote positive parenting and experiences for the Family
  • Provide information and understanding to support families in developing positive coping strategies

How it works

We provide support to families to enable them to get the right advice and direction from the beginning.  The service offers coffee mornings/drop-in sessions in the community, delivers workshops on a range of subjects such as autism awareness, ADHD awareness, Sensory issues, sleep issues and anxiety.  We also offer parenting programmes – Cygnet for families with children with autism, and the New Forest Parenting Program for families with children with ADHD.  We deliver a Positive Behaviour Support Service that offers one to one support in the home to help families with young people displaying behaviours they are finding challenging.  The PBS team also deliver a group parenting program.

Referral Criteria:

  • The child is aged between 0-19 (up to 25 with a SEN diagnosis)
  • The child does or does not yet have a diagnosis of Autism/ADHD
  • Concerning Behaviour pathway started or thinking of starting
  • Professionals or families can self-refer for home visiting support, Befriender support, parent/carer support groups, Information Workshops, Groups, and Parenting Programmes.
  • Parental consent

You can download our referral form here. Please return your completed form by email to [email protected] or by post to the address below.

How you can help

Volunteering Opportunities

We invite inquiries from anyone interested in training as a Volunteer Befriender for the service. Volunteer Befrienders can support families to access social activities, attend medical appointments and offer a listening ear. Please visit the Family Action Volunteer page here to register your interest.

Drop In/Coffee Mornings

Our Drop-Ins/Coffee Mornings for 2024

Come along to meet the team, chat to other parents/carers and ask advice. Free refreshments are provided and all are welcome.

Contact Details

Find us

5a, New Road Avenue




Tel: 01634 913219

Email: [email protected]

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Opening times

Monday–Friday 9am – 5pm