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** Unfortunately our service is due to end and cannot accept any more referrals. **

Frimley Clinical Commissioning Group has commissioned Family Action to deliver its social prescribing service from 1 July 2020.

NE Hamp & Farnham Social Prescribing service leaflet

What is social prescribing?

Social prescribing is about giving you access to activities, social groups, services and advice based on your needs and interests.

The aim is to improve your sense of wellbeing, which in turn can often have a positive impact on your health. It doesn’t replace the medical role your GP plays but is an addition to the service they provide.

Our Social Prescribing service is available to anyone over 18, including the parents and carers of children and young people.

Our service aims

The overarching aims of the service in North East Hampshire and Farnham are to:

  • Improve health and wellbeing outcomes for residents in the area
  • Reduce inappropriate demand for health and social services
  • Enable residents to be proactive in managing their own health and wellbeing
  • Help people to access the right support
  • Be accessible to as many people as possible within the community

How we work

If your GP thinks you might benefit from the social prescribing service they will refer you to the Social Prescriber who works in the surgery. The Social Prescriber will talk through the options available during your first appointment and work with you to find activities, services or advice locally that suit your needs and interests.

If you are not comfortable about joining a group or activity on your own, the Social Prescriber can introduce you to someone who can go with you.

Find out more

Unfortunately our service is due to end and cannot accept any more referrals.

Email: [email protected]