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We help children, young people and families to gain life skills and confidence. We care about building strong relationships with families – in family hubs, in the community and within the family home. We strive to support stable, positive family networks in which all family members are able to thrive.

As the name suggests, the service is divided into two parts, family outreach and volunteering.

Family Outreach

Family Outreach is about working in the community, with families from all backgrounds, and providing a helping hand with life’s difficulties. We provide support both proactively and reactively, as well as empowering families to support themselves.

If you feel that you need support from us, you should talk to a professional you’re working with, such as a health visitor or social worker, who can then make a referral on your behalf. Professionals can download the Early Help Involvement Form from the Stockton website or email us at [email protected] for more information. Please note that families can’t refer themselves.


Volunteering aims to enhance the provision of the service as a whole – whether that’s providing direct support to families, delivering accessible, hub-based sessions, or working in the background to support professionals. We build meaningful relationships with children, young people and families and empower them.

For further information on our volunteering opportunities, please visit the Family Action Vacancies webpage and scroll down to find Stockton’s roles, or email [email protected]

Community work

Family Action is passionate about working with and empowering the communities we work within and giving local people a voice. We work with a wide range of local organisations, businesses and charities to improve services, outcomes and opportunities for the people we work with.

This also involves us being part of a number of groups; including Stockton Borough Council Locality forums, the Food Sustainability Network, Holiday Provision Planning group, Roseworth Community Partnership and Catalyst Health and Wellbeing Forum.

Family Action also runs Holiday Activities and Food programmes during the school holidays. These are free holiday enrichment sessions, which provide breakfast and lunch as well as a range of fun activities for families to attend.

Service User Participation

Service User Participation involves working with our Service Users to identify and create innovative services to support their engagement with activities in the community, and to help improve their life chances. It means working with the Team and a range of partners to co-produce group-based delivery, for example the Community Choir, the development of the new ‘doorstep course programme’ and other opportunities.

It is making sure that the young people and their families from our Service User caseload are involved with the development of our services through consultation, feedback and steering groups.

Get in touch

Email the service at [email protected] to find out more about our work across Stockton.