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Portsmouth Abuse & Rape Counselling Service (PARCS) provides free specialist counselling and psychotherapy for people who have experienced sexual and/or domestic abuse, based in the Portsmouth and South East Hampshire area. PARCS also provides the following services: · Counselling for parents, carers and family members · Helplines · Emotional Telephone Support · Specialist support groups · Training, consultation and clinical supervision · Awareness and prevention services · Independent Sexual Violence Advocacy for children and young people · Services to support young people who display harmful sexual behaviour.

How it works

If you live in the Portsmouth and South East Hampshire areas and need our support, there are a number of counselling services provided. You may be offered an initial assessment to meet with a counsellor as soon as we have capacity. During this initial session you will have an opportunity to discuss whether you feel ready to begin counselling and how many sessions PARCS can offer you.

Our counselling services are an opportunity for you to talk to someone about your experiences and how they affect you. You will not be judged, criticised or told what to do, but supported in being yourself and making your own choices. It can sometimes be hard to put your thoughts and feelings into words so you may wish to try other ways of expressing yourself, such as drawing or painting. It’s your choice.

How you can help

Help give an adult or child survivor of abuse the support they need. Donate to our service today or find out more about volunteering.

Get in touch

To contact us please call us on 02392 669513 or email [email protected].


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