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Our Services

We believe that with support an individual or a whole family can achieve its potential, whether this is in a practical, emotional or a financial sense. With over 140 years of experience, we are England's leading family charity and our services help over 45,000 disadvantaged children and families every year.

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Mum kissing newborn copyright Family Action
Family Support Services Family Action believes that wherever possible children should be supported to achieve their potential within their own family. This cannot be achieved if a child is not seen in the context of the whole family. The needs of parents, as well as their children, must be considered. Improving the quality of relationships between parents and
children and their wider kinship and social networks is integral to all of our work. Download a leaflet on our Family Support Services .

Through a range of our services, Family Action is able to plug the gap through which families with complex needs often fall, keeping children safe while addressing their long term needs:

Building Bridges services - supporting children and parents where the parent has an enduring mental health problem.

Perinatal Project - supporting mothers at risk of depression during their pregnancy and up to one year after the birth of their child.

Valuing Families services - where parents have learning difficulties.

Newpin services - intensive support to mothers and fathers of children under 5 whose mental health is impacting on their ability to provide safe parenting.

WellFamily services - holistic support to families linked to GP practices.

Download a leaflet on our Parental Mental Health Services.

Family Action provides family support services to Children's Centres in fifteen Local Authorities. Assertive Outreach services, designed to enable the most hard to reach families to access mainstream services, are at the core of what we provide. Download a leaflet on our Children's Centres Services.

Family Action also provides a wide range of services to over 130 schools across England. We provide parenting programmes based on a number of accredited models, one to one support for students (including mentoring services) and family support services. Download a leaflet on our School-based Services.

All of our services provide a wide range of support from the very practical to the therapeutic.

Services for Children

Boy playing football copyright Family Action
In addition to supporting children within their families, Family Action provides a range of services specifically for children and young people themselves.

These include services to young carers, either through our specialist young carer provision, (read more about our Young Carers Services) or working with children whose parents have enduring mental health problems as part of our Building Bridges and Newpin work, mentoring and counselling services in partnership with schools, purposeful holiday activity programmes, after school clubs and healthy eating projects.

Services for Vulnerable Adults Approximately 15% of Family Action’s income supports our work with adults with enduring mental health problems and/or learning difficulties. Our well established day services in Ipswich, Harrow and Wandsworth are responding positively to the need to provide more community and/or home based services, which are more accessible to a diverse range of service users. Download a leaflet on the services we offer for adults living with mental health problems and parents with learning disabilities.

Working in Partnership All Family Action services are developed and delivered through a variety of partnerships – with children, parents, other voluntary and community groups and statutory services including social care, health, schools and housing

Evaluating What We Do In January 2008 the National Audit Report undertook an independent review of our monitoring and evaluation systems .They said:

On the ground we found that a significant amount of information on the performance of individual services was being collected. This is enabling Family Action to meet the requirements of its existing funders. Furthermore there is a rich body of more qualitative information that is also being accumulated and analysed at a local level. Feedback on the quality of services, suggestions for improvements, information on the progress made by service users… are all being used… to deliver the best services.

The Building Bridges evaluation shows that Family Action has the ability to effectively evaluate the impact it makes. We judge the evaluation to represent good practice.

Family Action staff are dedicated, want to demonstrate the impact they are making and are committed to change."

Family Action’s Building Bridges Services use internationally accredited clinical tools to assess their impact. Download the independent evaluation of these services, published in July 2007 in our Building Bridges evaluation.