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Educational Grants Search

Our Educational Grants Search helps you identify appropriate charitable funding for education or training based on your circumstances and needs.

You will be asked to answer a series of questions online after which an automatic search will take place to match your responses to appropriate trusts, including Family Action’s educational grant making trusts.

If you appear to be eligible for a grant from Family Action you will be prompted to open an account and complete the application form online.

Please note that by completing the search you have not submitted an application form to either Family Action or any other charitable trust. The search will simply identify sources of funding to which you may be eligible to apply and provide contact details and eligibility criteria so that you can apply yourself.

Before starting the online search please ensure that you are using one of the following browsers: Safari, Internet Explorer or Google Chrome, otherwise the search will not work. 

Carry out your search for an education grant...


The Educational Grants Search is kindly supported by Barclays.

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